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Centralpoint Code Samples & SDK

Centralpoint's approach to localized and custom development emphasizes the importance of collaboration and harmony between Oxcyon's central development efforts and the efforts of your own development team. To facilitate this partnership, Centralpoint provides a dedicated Development environment where your team can make customizations and modifications. It's crucial to remember that any development work carried out within your local environment must take place within the provided Development site. This ensures that Oxcyon's Evergreen Updates can continue to be applied remotely, while your team focuses on tailoring the platform to your specific needs.

The architecture of Centralpoint is designed with this process in mind, streamlining the development lifecycle. Changes made within the Development environment can be synchronized downstream to Quality Control sites for testing, and then to all live client projects when ready. This process allows for efficient customization and adaptation of the platform while maintaining synchronization with ongoing updates. Centralpoint, being built on the ASP.NET framework, accommodates .NET development just like any other ASP.NET application. This means that any .NET development you wish to undertake can be seamlessly integrated into Centralpoint.

To support developers, Centralpoint offers the Software Development Kit (SDK) libraries and a range of tools. These tools empower you to create applications and modules that run within the Centralpoint environment. You can develop both native applications using the .NET/C# programming model and desktop applications using the managed (.NET Framework) programming model, such as Visual Studio. The SDK and the development resources provided by Centralpoint help facilitate a smooth and collaborative approach to customizing the platform to meet your organization's unique needs. For more detailed information, you can explore Centralpoint's SDK documentation and resources.