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Centralpoint Code Samples & SDK

Centralpoint is supports and encourages localized, custom development. Developers need to remember that any development done within the local environment MUST be done within the development site we provide to you. In this way, Oxcyon can continue to update your remotely via our Evergreen updates, while you and your development team customize locally. In this way it is a partnership between our development of the overall product, and your localized development working harmoniously. Please find below examples of Centralpoint code, and for additional information please visit Centralpoint's SDK.

Centralpoint's architecture considers this development environment to save you time, as all changes made within the development, may be synchronized (downstream) to your Quality Control site for testing, and when ready.....down to all of your live Client Projects. Any development done outside of the development site will be lost during synchronization, and you will limit your ability to re-use code amongst your websites. Centralpoint is an ASP.net website, just like any other. This means that any .NET development you would like to do may be done in Centralpoint, as you would develop any .NET application ordinarily.

The Centralpoint Software Development Kit or SDK libraries, and a selection of tools that you can use when you create apps that run in Centralpoint. You can use the Centralpoint SDK, along with your chosen development environment, to write native or Centralpoint applications and modules that use the native .NET/C# programming model, or desktop applications that use the managed (.NET Framework) programming model, like Visual Studio.

Custom Development in Centralpoint*.
Centralpoint supports custom development. The most important thing developers need to remember is that all development must be done in a development website and that Centralpoint is regular ASP.net Website.
All of the changes from the development website(Code and Database) will be Synchronized to all other sites on that server unless this is a custom code which will need to be moved manually.