What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management goes beyond traditional content or information management, considering the authentication of each user by their role. This allows information to cascade or serve each user uniquely based on their capacity or access to information. Based upon their interaction with the information; what they read, what they watch, and which tests they take and either pass or we begin to capture the knowledge that they have gained. Only Centralpoint consolidates rich content and information management with learning management, so that you can determine the level of knowledge of each user. Centralpoint also offers harmonized gamification tools, to quanitfy and incentivize your knowlledge workers to gain more. 

As information changes, which it does all the time, it needs to alert each user based upon their job, division, title or role. Centralpoint allows you to centralize all of your organizations information, providing alerts for each user, and the online testing, compliance and gamification of each user; enabling you to see real time, how involved users are around this information. It also allows you to gain insight into where certain resources within your organization might be weak, or lacking in that information; preventing problems before they occur.