Centralpoint Update 8.6.32

Date of Update: Monday, January 16, 2017
Feature Summary
Publishing > Articles A new Dynamic Attribute Population module property has been added and works like similar module properties in the Generic Enhanced modules. It can be used to select the attributes which will dynamically populate relation columns.
Procedure Manuals > Manuals & Policies The paged list box control under the Change Request Step 1 - 10 User attributes now displays a header with sortable columns including a new Is Local column. The Is Local checkbox will be checked unless the user accesses the site via an external user account integrated using Admin > Global Login.
FormAutoSave CpScript An issue was addressed when FormRadioButtonList CpScripts used the property RepeatLayout='Flow' and the FormAutoSave CpScript would not recognize its value.
Admin > DeepLinks A new Deep Link Options = "SSO SAML 2.0" > SAML Use Alternative Attribute Builder attribute has been added. When set to Yes it will cause the member attributes to be built and passed to the Service Provider in a different format. It can be used if the Service Provider is seeing the following error message: 'The attribute value type System.String cannot be serialized.'
FormInfoAttributeValue CpScript A new SqlEncode parameter has been added. It should be set to true when this script is included in a string parameter of a SQL query.
ReadPageItemsValue CpScript This CpScript now supports ChangeRequestWorkflowSummary and ChangeRequestWorkflowMessage for custom messages within the Procedure Manuals > Policies > Suggest a Change Form Thank You Page.
File Upload All system upload views have been enhanced to support SVG and WEBM file extensions.
MobileIncreaseTextSize, MobileDecreaseTextSize, and PdfIcon CpScripts A new AltText paramter has been added to control HTML ALT tag associated with the image. An HTML ALT Tag has also been added to all of these images by default.
Forms > Forms The Processing > Custom = Yes > Method Name = PoliciesUpsertVersion Parameters support a new navigation element with systemName="ProcedureChangeRequestWorkflow". This is used in Suggest a Change forms with change request workflow enabled requiring the change request workflow to save the form Signature and Comments.
Design > Data Sources A new Formatting > Formatting Options = "Google Map" > Single Item Zoom Level attribute has been added. It allows you to specify a distinct zoom level for when only one result is returned.
FourColumnAudienceDropList CpScript This new script displays a hierarchy of audiences grouped into separate columns as was displayed on the Organizational Chart.
Forms > Form Wizard An issue was addressed where the Add List Items popup window was reversing the value and text entered.
Admin > Global Login The Source = Active Directory (LDAP) > Custom Import = Yes > Custom Import Mapping attribute now supports unexpected DateTime values from Active Directory such as those provided when an end date is set to never expire.
MobileNavigation CpScript A new useTH parameter has been added. When set to true the generated table will use TH instead of TD elements in the first row for 508c compliance.
FormUpload CpScript New Edit Mode and Edit Mode Template parameters have been added to this script. When Type is set to None or Document and a DOC, DOCX, RTF, or TXT file is uploaded the control will display an Edit Document button when EditMode is not set to None. The new button will open up a dialog containing an version of the document contents which can be edited and saved.
Master > CMS > Modules A new Details > Data Navigation Item attribute has been added. It is hidden when creating a new module and intended for use in modules with more than one related CMS > Navigation record. The purpose is to direct data modifications in this module to the preferred Module (console navigation) Defaults, Configuration, and Properties when a console navigation item is not available. When left empty the system will assume that the oldest related CMS > Navigation item is preferred. Warnings have also been added in Module Defaults, Configuration, and Properties to inform administrators when they are changing settings in a module with other related console navigation items.
Site Architecture > System Pages > Search A new SystemPageSearchAudienceCounts CpScript was added for use in the Results Header Content attribute. It executes the same search over other audiences and adds links to those results displaying the audience name and result count. This script doubles the resources required to execute a search for each audience entered. It may cause the site search to perform poorly.
DashboardModules CpScript New DeleteLinksRoles and EditLinksRoles parameters have been added to specify the roles users must belong to in order to see the delete and edit buttons.
Surveys > Survey Results This new module was added to review and delete the results of taken surveys.
ExtClickTracking CpScripting This script has been updated to ensure that it only alters standard links beginning with "/" or "http:".

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