Centralpoint Update 8.6.33

Date of Update: Monday, January 30, 2017
Feature Summary
Design > Styles Icons > Featured has been renamed "Featured 1" and new Featured 2 - 20 attributes have been added. They are intended for use via DesignInfo CpScripts.
Procedure Manuals There are now File Output attributes in both Manuals and Policies. They are tied to the Data Transform > File Output module. They can be used with the new FileOutputCheckBox DataBind and the FileOutputZipFiles and FileOutputCheckBoxSelectAll CpControls to select and download multiple dynamically generated documents as a ZIP file. This configuration is very processor and memory intensive and may require additional hardware.
Admin > Properties A new Salesforce attribute has been added along with a utility to utilize an existing Salesforce integration to determine available integrated elements. These new tools have been utilized in Forms > Forms > Processing under the new Salesforce Submission option.
Site Architecture > System Pages Two new attributes have been added to this module: Override User Personalization for Page Size and Search Results Page Size. If the first is Enabled you will be able to override the User Personalization and set the Page Size manually.
FormLabel CpScript A new IsHidden parameter has been added. When set to Yes the label will render to the HTML but be visibly hidden.
TaxonomyGroupHeader CpScripting A new RemoveOrigData parameter has been added. By default this script makes clones of the original data and hides the original and shows the cloned in the proper categories. Enabling this will ensure that ids are not duplicated by the cloning process unless the item in question resides in multiple categories/groupings.
Data Sources A new Formatting > Excel File > Convert Dates From UTC attribute has been added. When enabled the system will automatically convert dates from UTC to the end user's time zone at the time when the download is triggered.
Search CpControl Control has been changed to dynamically show or hide the taxonomy selector if it is using the DataFilter option.
DataId Attributes A new DataId Attributes module configuration has been added to all modules. It can be used to configure the system to populate a new lookup table (cpsys_DataCurrentInDataCurrent) to improve the performance of module, custom and data source filters over attributes containing a comma separate list of DataIds (data list boxes). All system functions and features (data sync, data transfer, forms management, client console, etc.) have been updated to automatically maintain this table.
Development > Utilities A new Update DataId Attributes utility has been created for the new DataId Attributes module configuration and related lookup table (cpsys_DataCurrentInDataCurrent). Select a Module and click "Delete & Repopulate" to delete all records from the lookup table relating to the selected module and repopulate it using the DataId Attributes module configuration value. It is intended for use when the DataId Attributes change with content already in the module. The lookup table would also be repopulated if the records are resumbitted manually, via the attribute changer, or updated using Data Transfer.
DataIdAttributeFilter CpScript This new script can be used in Design > Data Sources > Attributes > Select Command to generate a filter over the new lookup table (cpsys_DataCurrentInDataCurrent) populated by the DataId Attributes module configuration. This script generates a high performance filter used to replace those that relate DataIds using LIKE commands: "Field LIKE '%GUID%'". It requires that the attribute is entered in the DataId Attribute module configuration in its module, and that existing records are resubmitted to populate the lookup table. By default this script will generate a filter using the DataId of the current page attributes or navigation, but the script designer contains a number of parameters that can be used to customize this behavior.
RelatedData CpScript This script has been updated to automatically utilize the new lookup table (cpsys_DataCurrentInDataCurrent) when the related attribute is in its modules DataId Attributes module configuration. Existing records must be resubmitted to populate the lookup table when this module configuration is modified.
Procedure Manuals The HTML Difference engine used for email changes in the integrated workflow features has been upgraded.
ExtAddLetterToUnorderedList CpScript This new extender script will alphabetize an unordered list (UL) and add the letter it starts with as a parent of all the items that start with that letter. It can also be used to generate an alphabet based navigation.
HtmlNavigation CpScript A new IncludeParent parameter has been added. When Parent Type=Parent and this parameter is set to Yes the parent navigation item will be rendered as part of the navigation.
Generic Enhanced A - FF A new Word Document Content Attributes module property has been added. It takes a comma separated list of attribute1=attribute2 pairs where attribute2 will be dynamically generated from the contents of a Word Document in attribute 1.
ExtAccordion CpScript A new ScreenWidthActivation parameter has been added. When enabled the accordion will only activate when the screen width less than or equal to the provided size in pixels.
FormPayment CpSCript A new DivClass parameter has been added to control the name of the CSS class that surrounds the controls rendered.

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