Centralpoint Update 8.6.34

Date of Update: Monday, February 13, 2017
Feature Summary
CopyFormValues CpScript This new script can be used to copy values from one set of form elements to another.
DynamicJumpMenu CpScript A new ID parameter has been added that controls the ID of the generated HTML element.
Admin > Organizational Chart The Sunburst Zoomable Chart has been updated with new logic to allow the chart to display different weights to the various audiences. The Count option is the default and will treat all audiences the same and show the size of the object based on how many children they have. The hits option will look up in the clicks table (if this option is turned on) and grab the number of hits a particular audience has received. And the Nav Items option will look up how many navigation records are tied to a particular audience with the nav items as well as the hits the elements will grow based upon the the numbers that they we are pulling in for them.
IP Address/Range Attributes Admin > IP Manager and Advertising > Splash Pages have been updated to support comparisons against IP v6 addresses.
Advertising > Splash Pages New Cookie Expiration and Cookie Expiration Hours attributes have been added.
Admin > Properties When Site Search Auto Complete is set to Enabled a new Lookup Type attribute will be displayed which allows you to configure the auto complete to find terms contain the search criteria as opposed to starting with it.
DynamicTabs CpScript The defaults implementation has been updated to support script parameters that will be used when the module attributes are not set. A new UseCache parameter has also been added which can be set to 'false' to disable cache.

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