Centralpoint Update 8.7.1

Date of Update: Monday, April 03, 2017
Feature Summary
TieredAttributeSubset CpScript A new RemoveFormatWhenEmpty parameter was added. When set to Yes it will remove the formatting if provided when there are no results to display.
Content > Mobile Icons This new module was created to serve as a hub for Mobile shortcuts to specific content views.
Telerik Integration Upgrade The Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX integration has been upgraded to version 2017.1.228 from February 2017. This upgrade will primarily affect the RTF Editor and File Upload controls found throughout Centralpoint. In this update Telerik drops IE8 support. If you require that these controls work in IE8 you should not install this update. This update also restores the file explorer's rename option which was previously removed.
QueryString CpScript Added ReplaceGuids parameter has been added. When set to True the script will attempt to replace all Guids it with Audience or Taxonomy names.
FormTemplateAttachment CpScript This new script was designed to work with Forms > Processing > File Creation > Template to attach the dynamically generated document to the confirmation email.
Forms > Forms A new After Processing option has been added to Workflow > Confirmation Email. Selecting this option will change when the email is trigger allowing it to support attachments. The new Files attribute supports a comma separated list of files which will be attached to the configuration email.
Site Architecture Administrators A new Personalization > Display Page Scroller attribute has been added. When set to Yes all consoles will dynamically display arrows in the top right and bottom of the page after you begin scrolling. These arrows allow you to jump to the top or bottom of the page without scrolling.
Master > Content > Scheduled Tasks The Warning on top of the grid view of this module has been updated to included the server time when the page was loaded. This can be beneficial because tasks are scheduled and executed based on this time.

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