Centralpoint Update 8.7.2

Date of Update: Monday, April 17, 2017
Feature Summary
Admin > Syndication A new Formatting > RSS Use Title attribute has been added. When enabled the document URLs will be generated using the Title as opposed to the DataId.
Admin > Global Login The SamlAttribute CpScript has been enhanced to select values by Name or FriendlyName, and the Integration Id has been made overridable with the SAML 2.0 source.
SiteMapInfo CpScript The ModuleId attribute is now supported.
Admin > Properties A new Search Full Text Parsing Algorithm attribute has been added for full text keyword searches. The Weighted option attempts to increase the rank of records containing the whole phrase and when words in the phrase are near each other. Weight is only applied when the search criteria contains more than one word.
Procedure Manuals > Policies Added support for Form Field Next Review Date. This gives the end user the ability to set this date using a form element. There is also a new Module Designer attribute called Taxonomy Order Home Content. This will give you the ability to sort standard taxonomy listing either by Title or Policy Number.
Forms > Forms Wizard An option for Google Re-Captcha has been added.
Standard Modules The new record creation form used for all standard modules has been updated to include the Notes and Notify Reviewers controls that also exist on the update record forms.
FormCaptcha CpScript A new UseReCaptcha parameter has been added. When enabled you must also populate the ReCaptchaSiteKey and ReCaptchaSecretKey parameters with values provided by Google.
Master > Deployment > Synchronize The system CleanUp utility has been enhanced to improve performance by preventing rules from being applied to directories where they already exist. This change has decreased the site synchronization time by more than 50% in most cases bringing the average site sync time down from 48 seconds to 21 seconds. This change also affects Deployment > Updates, Development > Utilities > Clean Up Selected Site(s), and other system features.
ResourceDragTree & ModuleDragTree CpScripts A new FontSize parameter has been added and applied to elements of the tree.
Advertising > Advertisers A new Views attribute has been added so that records can be created that only render on specific module designer views.

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