Centralpoint Update 8.7.3

Date of Update: Monday, May 01, 2017
Feature Summary
ExtAutoComplete & ExtAutoCompleteRedirect CpScripts The FieldName parameter has been updated to support a comma separated list of relation field names. It previously only supported a single field. When the lookup type is set to Contains this will cause the system to do a like comparison over all fields entered. This feature doesn't work with the StartsWith lookup type. The system caches all values used for auto-completion. Entering a field name that contains a large amount of data may cause memory issues.
CpControl > SearchTerm A new added a new DataIdToTitle parameter has been added. When set to 'true' it will replace DataIds with their respective Titles.
Tools > Clear Search Terms This new utility was created to clear all search terms (criteria) recorded. It can also be accessed from Development > Utilities.
SearchTermsCloud CpScript Displays a tag cloud of criteria searched throughout the site.
Procedure Manuals > Policies A new Email Changes Style Type module property has been added to control the styles/colors associated with the differences between two policies.
Development > Console Triggers & Master > CMS > Triggers These new modules were added to manage Custom Triggers and My Triggers created in the cpsys_Triggers table.
VersionList CpControl A new Version Type column and VersionType parameter has been added. The VersionType parameter can be used to filter the list to show only historical or draft versions.
PdfViewer CpScript The Format parameter now supports the following new format strings: {1} = File Output Field and {2} = AudienceId. A new HideWhenEmptyFileOutput parameter which will hide the flip book link when the File Output Field is empty.
ResourceDragTree CpScript A new RemoveNoGroup parameter has been added. When set to true this script will exclude media elements without a group selection.
Admin > Settings The next update (version 8.7.4) will affect all Root/Web.Config files changing the Uber.Utilities appSetting from HTTP to HTTPS. If you are concerned about whether or not your server can access www.aranon.net via HTTPS you can test this feature before installing version 8.7.4 by manually updating this appSetting in the Master and Development site and loading the sites and consoles. They should display a server error if https://www.aranon.net is inaccessible from the server.
Design > QR Codes This module and the QRBarcodes CpScript have been updated to configure custom information in the QR Barcodes.
Ecommerce > Orders A Province column has been added to the grid view.
Admin > Search All Modules The More Actions... > Regular Expression Search feature has been extended to include replacements. This feature is very processor intensive and can cause performance problems on the server while it is running.

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