Centralpoint Update 8.7.4

Date of Update: Monday, May 15, 2017
Feature Summary
SearchTermsCloud CpScript New Criteria Count Filter, Beginning Date, and Ending Date parameters have been added to allow you to filter the tag cloud content.
Procedure Manuals > Manuals & Policies When Change Request Workflow = Enable and Review Date Type = Form Form field a new Form Field on Step 1 attribute has been added. When set to Yes the Review Date text box will only display on the first step of the change request workflow.
PolicyWordAddInDownload CpScript This new script renders a button to download a file which can be edited and saved using the Centralpoint Word Add In (coming soon).
EmailForm CpControl A new DisplayCaptcha property has been added. CAPTCHA will always be added when the user is anonymous, but setting this property to No will prevent it from displaying for authenticated users. This control is typically placed in the Site Architecture > Details View (#3) > Email Form Content attribute.
Site Architecture > System Pages A new Search > Search Results Document Identifier has been added. This defines how the document identifier portion of the web site URLs is generated. Please note that this is used for all modules and the individual module property with the same name is ignored.
ChangeRequestForm CpControl A new PopulateNextReview parameter to automatically update the next review date with the current date. This was added so that the automatic update of the next review date will be based on the current date instead of the date previously stored.
PolicyFileOutputLink CpScript This new script renders a link if a Policy has a FileOutput record tagged to it.
Admin > Template Gallery A new WordAddIn WebAPI use template record has been created. It will generate a report describing which users and API Keys have been used to update documents using the Word Add In (coming soon).
Master > Content > Scheduled Tasks A new Clean Up Files option has been added to the Job attribute which allows you the ability to schedule the deletion of files from the specified directories of a web site.
WordAddInDownload CpScript This new script adds properties to a downloaded Word document so that you can update the document through Centralpoint's Word Add In (coming soon). This only works if the file is in the Uploads folder and only Word documents support editing.
ExtSearchQueryStringTextBoxPopulation CpScript This new extender script can be used to populate an HTML text box with the value of the "search" query string variable.
EducationCertificateLink CpScript This script was updated to repair the encoding on the document title which sometimes prevented the certificate from being downloaded.
Development > Utilities The Initialize New Website utility was updated to remove all current and archived comments.
Admin > Settings This update will modify all Root/Web.Config files changing the Uber.Utilities appSetting from HTTP to HTTPS. If your server cannot access www.aranon.net via HTTPS you can manually change this setting back after the update and sync completes.

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