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AI Guided Knowledge

Most executives know that artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change almost everything about the way they do business — and could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. But what many business leaders don’t know is how to deploy AI, not just in a pilot here or there, but throughout the organization, where it can create maximum value. The “how” is the sticking point with any emerging technology, and AI is no exception. How do you define your AI strategy? How do you find AI-literate workers or train existing staff? What can you do to get your data AI-ready? How do you ensure your AI is trustworthy? To complicate matters, the answers to these questions often vary from one company to the next — and the environment is continually evolving. But businesses can’t wait for the dust to settle. AI adoption will accelerate in 2019, and Oxcyon is prepared to deal with it, for any organization.

First, we want to stress the word Artificial. This means that the rules to trigger certain information to only certain users within those certain circumstances are very specific to your organization. You must instruct the platform of your rules, before it can begin working. Centralpoint provides the platform to manage those rules, in which to trigger the delivery of content. We also assist you in setting up around your rules, but then expect our clients to continue adding to these rules, making it more intelligent the more rules are added. In some cases we can integrate with other systems, to help the stimulus-response-stimulus, like an IVR System (Cisco or Genesys). Here, the input of the client, via their touchtone phone or voice commands (via VoiceML), can query your back office databases (and/or Centralpoint) in which to present them every conceivable record, answer to a question or number to call based upon their ID and their incoming request. Often this is served to the Customer Service Representaive at your company, in which to better service the caller.