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Our Thoughts on Big Data & KM

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  • Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024

    By Samuel Keller  |   3/10/2024

    Gartner's top strategic technology trends of 2024 really provide a framework for IT leaders to help review and prioritize their investments in technology. These trends matter because they help drive key business priorities. Gartne...

  • To Harness Big Data, You need to Centralize it

    By Samuel Keller  |   5/5/2023

    In the expansive realm of Big Data, intricate terms like Master Data Management, Data Governance, Metadata Enrichment, Robotic Process Automation, and Digital User Experience can cast a complex veil over our discussions. However, ...

  • AI Guided Knowledge

    By Samuel Keller  |   8/10/2021

    Many corporate leaders are well aware of the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI), with projections suggesting a potential contribution of up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. However, the challe...

  • Solve Big Problems by Thinking Small

    By Samuel Keller  |   7/27/2020

    To address significant challenges, sometimes it's essential to adopt a small-scale perspective. Tackling complex issues within an inherited, entrenched enterprise can feel daunting. The key to solving it lies in breaking down the ...

  • Auto Enrich Metadata & Classification

    By Samuel Keller  |   3/23/2019

    Envision the automatic application of comprehensive metadata to all your information. Centralpoint equips you with tools to manage robust, N-tiered metadata and Taxonomy. This includes scheduling the indexing or ingestion of struc...

  • What is Master Data Management?

    By Samuel Keller  |   10/12/2017

    Centralpoint equips you with MDM (Master Data Management) tools for indexing, aggregating, and mashing up data from varied sources. It integrates documents, web pages, and reports, serving each user securely and uniquely. Centralp...

  • You've got (New) mail!

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/27/2017

    Based on McKinsey research, knowledge workers typically spend around 650 hours per year dealing with emails. Exchange and Outlook haven't been directly connected to your actual knowledge base—until now. Our OWA replacement seamles...

  • One Platform for Everything

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/19/2017

    A bold assertion, but one substantiated by two decades of work and backed by over 350 global enterprise clients. Farewell to piecing together fragmented data; welcome a unified platform that tailors content for each user's role. C...

  • Blockchain, AI and your Enterprise

    By Samuel Keller  |   7/22/2017

    It is difficult to come across a unified explanation of how one should look at the concept of distributed ledger technology or blockchain. Blockchain is a type of database spread across multiple sites, regions, or participants. As...

  • Evergreen (Remote) Updates

    By Samuel Keller  |   7/14/2017

    Install on premise; while eliminating obsolescence...

  • Centralpoint Design in 3D View

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/19/2015

    You need more than simply a content management system or portal....you need an omni-channel platform to reach everyone, everywhere. You need Centralpoint Centralpoint empowers you with an ecosystem , or wheel , putting you at the ...

  • Dynamic Document Assembly

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/16/2015

    Charles Darwin was right....everything does relate to everything else. DITA or Darwin Information Type Architecture empowers you to manage your information like the living, breathing organism it is. This means one updated diagram ...

  • You need more than a just a CMS or Portal

    By Samuel Keller  |   8/19/2015

    You require more than a mere content management system or portal. What you need is an omni-channel platform that can connect with everyone, no matter where they are. You need a readily available Digital Experience Platform that ca...

  • Encrypt Everything and Trust No One

    By Samuel Keller  |   6/6/2015

    In the healthcare sector, security concerns have escalated alongside the pre-existing patient privacy and safety considerations. Unlike industries such as retail, where breaches involve credit data, healthcare deals with far more ...

  • What is a Digital Experience Platform?

    By Samuel Keller  |   2/23/2015

    Centralpoint's distinction as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) rather than a conventional Content Management System (CMS) highlights its comprehensive approach to managing and enhancing the user experience. Centralpoint recogni...

  • Shared Services...easier said than done

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/16/2014

    Shared services, in essence, means sharing organizational services among different departments or groups. While the concept seems straightforward, its implementation is often more challenging than anticipated. It necessitates full...

  • Centralized Autonomy...Finding the balance

    By Samuel Keller  |   9/1/2010

    Striking a balance between federated governance and local autonomy Indeed, the balance between centralized authority and individual autonomy is a fundamental challenge in various aspects of society, including government and organi...

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