A Refreshingly Unique Approach....which eliminates your risk

Oxcyon's Centralpoint was included in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. This emerging $18 Billion industry is changing the game...from cobbled together applications, to a singular, centralized platform. Our centralized digital experience platform harmonizes the many functions you need into once, instead of having to cobble together many disparate technologies and vendors. Centralpoint harmonizes your information for each user in a secure and personalized way. Centralpoint can aggregate all of your siloed information into a singular platform including content, documents, digital assets, products, videos and serves each user based on their preference. Centralpoint is used by hundreds of organizations (including Fortune 1000 and Government) including a variety of other verticals. Centralpint is updated bi weekly, making it the most mature platform in the industry (now with over 380 updates) . Although Oxcyon is the underdog in Gartner's Magic Quadrant compared to Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Oracle and Open Text, we are the only vendor who can PROVE it's capabilities before you sign. That's right, Oxcyon is so confident (and honestly brand-challenged compared to the big vendors)....we will build a High Fidelity Prototype at no cost to qualified prospects. This unique approach not only sets us apart from the cheap talk and promises of other vendors, it proves your Time-to-Market. Unlike our competitors, Oxcyon believes, as your technology partner, we should consider risk management for you.     Fishes

Whether you have a new project today or need to modernize an old project, Oxcyon can help. Tell us more about your project, and let us show you a superior solution today! Oxcyon has enjoyed early market adoption within: Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Distribution, Government, Non Profit and Publishing verticals. Centralpoint is used by over 320 clients worldwide representing millions of end users. The Centralpoint Wheel illustrates the massive scale-ability regardless of client size or vertical. Centralpoint is a one-size fits all solution for any organization.

Competitive Landscape...who do we compete with?

CMS Vendor Comparison
Let's be honest, sifting through the many offerings is as confusing as comparing to apples to oranges. Oxcyon makes it simple, standing out as the ONLY vendor who can PROVE they offer a superior solution, and one which can be delivered on time. Additionally it includes everything you need, and likely things you didn't think of yet. A major Oxcyon differentiation. Our approach is build a High Fidelity Prototype for your project, before you buy. In this way, not only can you see we are the right vendor for the job, but we get to see that too. Let's be honest, if we cannot show you want you need now, then not only should we not be your vendor....we wouldn't deserve or earn your business. Interesting concept, huh? 

Since Gartner's definition of a Digital Experience Platform as a convergence of so many functions within one means that Oxcyon competes with many technologies (CMS, KM, DM, DAM, LMS, SSO, and more). The emergence of a singular, Digital Experience Platform means that you may need to rethink how it all works, as you no longer need to cobble together disparate applications. Some of these applications may not be ready to be sunset, which we understand. Oxcyon will work with you to help you understand which of them need to go, and which need to stay, getting you closer to a unified approach. We also understand the amount of money invested into the cobbled together approach over the many years, and we will likely recommend how to accomplish any function in a new, more improved way. Technology, like the fruit above, is perishable. It changes all the time, requiring that you revisit your digital strategy on an ongoing basis. Determining what tool you need is like comparing apples to oranges....we are saying you need a hybrid of both; rather than trying to cobble them together. We encourage you see our module gallery so you can see why we compete with so many. It is also why we uniquely provide a bi weekly remote update (even if you host on premise). In this way, only Oxcyon can guarantee this strategy will be your last, and will not perish like other technologies.

Common competitors include: Microsoft  IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Acquia, Sharepoint, Sitecore, Hyland, Sitefinity, and Open Text but can also include anyone who offers custom development services. Ultimately, the real competitor is the person within your organization who still believes you need multiple solutions to get the job done. Although good for their job security, it will do nothing for your organization to streamline your digital strategy. The bottom line, we are the only vendor who can prove the breadth of our deliverable, and the speed. This eliminates your risk, compared to the "other guys"

Oxcyon's Mission Statement

"To provide our clients the best possible digital tools available, to help them successfully compete within the changing landscapes of their market(s)".- Samuel Keller, President/CEO

Oxcyon responds every two weeks to what we call VOC, or the Voice of Customer. Although Oxcyon will often develop new tools to improve the product, our client's real world needs are the best guide toward our Research and Development. We refer to this as organic R&D, which responds to trends and patterns we see, based on issues submitted by our clients. The best trends are those that traverse different verticals, wherein we are able to see similar demands across different industries....resulting in new horizontal tools to benefit everyone. Some issue submitted by clients, if they meet our internal criteria for such a horizontal benefit, may carry no charge to the client submitting them.....when a client can show us a new feature we have not thought of which could benefit all clients, it should be our responsibility to develop it. Of course, Oxcyon reserves the right to make that decision internally, but because we can cite many issues done at no charge....this validates our strong commitment to our mission statement. To prove this commitment we encourage you to visit our bi-weekly updates (now 16 years mature) which we are very proud of. These updates are inherited by all of our clients, regardless of where they may host (on premise or in the cloud) making sure no one is left behind. Additionally, feel free to visit some immediate plans we have for the future.

Why History plays a role in the future

Oxcyon was founded in 2001 by our CEO Samuel Keller to develop the first Digital Experience Platform. It was designed to streamline and harmonize the many cobbled together applications that organizations still have today. Centralpoint was developed around the central tenet that true Knowledge Management must be centralized. A singular platform which distributes personalized information to each of your members (public and private (log in)) . This centralized 'hub' of information is available securely to all of your constituents (employees, distributors, partners, clients, etc). Our unique architecture leveraging MphC empowers you to reach each user in a personalized way from a....well, a central point. As your digital channels, brands, field offices and users evolve, Centralpoint lets you easily scale to meet their needs. Today Centralpoint  is a leading Digital Experience Platform boasting over 350+ bi weekly updates over the past 16 years. Centralpoint powers more enterprises and Intranets than most vendors in our space. That is no surprise given that we have the largest available module gallery in the industry. 

Winston Churchill was right.....the farther ahead you try and peer into the future, the farther back you must look. Our product and process considers lessons from History. It considers Taylorism and scientific management (now called Agile development), Henry Ford's modular assembly line reducing price and increasing quality. Our penchant for Centralization is inspired by Fred Smith's Fedex (where all packages need to move through a central hub, and that the information about the package is 'as' important as the package itself). Our ability to look ahead and plan is nothing more than wisdom. Oxcyon believe that history holds the secret toward future success. It is the ability to respond to these market changes, via our unique remote update, which give us the lead.   

Oxcyon's unique Evergreen Update.which put an end to the obsolescence which plagues this market.  Oxcyon competes in a new emerging market that  
Gartner calls User Experience Platforms. Not only did we predict this convergence of many technologies years ago; we responded to it, making us a pioneer in this space. Our continued commitment to updating the product, able to keep even older installations in stride with us each week,  guarantees that we will always lead the market.

                       "The competitor to be feared is the one constantly improving their product" -Henry Ford 

Corporate Structure & Size

Oxcyon is an Ohio Corporation founded in 2000. This means we founded the notion nearly 16 years ago that clients need a singular Digital Experience Platform. It also means that our bi weekly updates have occurred nearly 400 times, providing our clients the most robust gallery of out of the box tools of any vendor which are market ready. This approach eliminates the need to cobble together multiple technologies to get the job done; resulting in streamlined information which yields Knowledge Management.This is because we don't believe in obsolescence, and instead provide bi weekly remote updates to our flagship product Centralpoint. This means the most feature rich enterprise technology out of the box, and also guarantees that it never become obsolete. Oxcyon was founded by Samuel Keller, its current President & CEO. Oxcyon has an extensive, global partner ecosystem with 150+ skilled implementation professionals.

Oxcyon's charter is to provide its clients with the best possible digital tools to help them remain competitive within their respective markets. Oxcyon's unique Evergreen Updates Timeline now 15 years mature, with over 350+ updates prove the company's commitment.  Oxcyon competes with competitors many times their size including Microsoft, Open Text and others, armed with a more robust and scalable technology, Centralpoint. Oxcyon has won the prestigious Weatherhead 100 Award for fastest growing technology firms, and is recognized by industry and research leaders. Oxcyon is privately held, profitable for over 12 years, and operates without any debt. Oxcyon believes you do not need to be bigger to be better; you need only be smarter. Oxcyon's leadership does not believe in debt, or incurring any line of credit, and the company is completely self sufficient to sustain our growth. Too many vendors in this space were launched by debt from private equity, and one day need to pay it back.Company financials available upon request.

At Oxcyon, we’re passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others innovate. Oxcyon provides its clients with an Evergreen Updates (bi weekly) update (which is unique to any other vendor) guaranteeing that no client is left behind, and is kept up to date with the latest digital tools to help them compete within their respective markets. It is our responsibility to stay ahead and in step with changing technology, so that our clients do not have to. 

Value Proposition

In the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms

Top 10 Enterprise Content Management Vendors
Web API (Restful web services) for integration with systems
  Top 10 Content Management Software ReportCross Forest SSO (AD/LDAP, SAML and more)gartner magic quadrant oxcyon
Most robust Module Gallery (out of the box)
Immediate deployment (On Premise or Cloud)
Updates eliminate obsolescence. 
Scalable N-Tiered architecture and multi tenancy
Powerful Aggregation via Data Transfer
100% Responsive Design
Drag and Drop (WYSIWYG) Design Tools
ADA/508 Compliance
Social Media Integration
Extend your online message to Digital Signage
Integrated Alerts, Email Broadcasting 
Integrated Learning Management
Integrated Gamification
Able to prove it, prior to you making a decision!

Oxcyon is the only vendor who can build a High Fidelity Prototype PRIOR to your signed agreement.
This eliminates risk and questions the RFP process; as we're able to show you more functionality than your RFP included.

We invite you to see it yourself, and Download the research to learn more.

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Who is Oxcyon?

Oxcyon's Centralpoint technology is a leading Digital Experience Platform. This centralized platform harmonizes the many functions you need, in contrast to the traditional approach of cobbling together disparate technologies. Oxcyon's Centralpoint technology harmonizes your information, so that each user can be served in a personalized way. Centralpoint aggregates all of your information into a singular tool, consolidating your content, digital assets, documents, videos and serves each user based on their preference. Put an end to cobbling together various technologies in favor of a singular and harmonized digital experience platform. Centralpoint is used by hundreds of organizations in a variety of verticals. It is updated bi weekly, and is a mature platform representing over 200 harmonized modules out of the box. Oxcyon believes that if you have a project, the vendor you review should be able to build out 75% of your needed functionality BEFORE YOU SIGN. Oxcyon's High Fidelity Prototype goes beyond a Proof of Concept (POC) and changes the game with a Proof of Principle (POP). This approach also demonstrates the actual Time to Market which you can expect from your vedor. 

We invite you to read Gartner's research on Digital Experience Platforms. Gartner predicts a unification of the many tools you use today into a single, harmonized platform. This is precisely what Centralpoint does, and because we have been doing it for over 15 years, we have more functionality available out of the box than any other vendor. This means that when we demonstrate your solution, it is not by way of powerpoint....we can prove it to you. The secret to Centralpoint's horizontal reusability across many verticals is in it's architecture. Centralpoint employs MPHC (Mutli-polyhierarchical classifications) which can be modified by vertical, by client and by the types of information you need to manage across your many users.  It considers a cascading delivery of your information from one central point, down through your many, n-tiered channels. There is no limit the depth (of complexity) of the information you need to manage. Centralpoint also provides out of the box Single Sign On (with Active Directory, LDAP, oAuth, SAML, OpenID, and others), so that it can serve each user in your ecosystem securely. This means one installation of Centralpoint can support everyone (Employees, Clients, Partners, Affiliates or Partners). In addition to being able to be deployed rapidly on premise or in the cloud, we can also guarantee that your solution will never become obsolete. Oxcyon's virtual Evergreen Updates keeps each client up to date regardless of where they choose to host. Centralpoint is one of those technologies you must see to believe....even if you don't decide to purchase it.      Green and Orange Fishes

Whether you have a new project today or need to bail out an old project, Oxcyon can help. Oxcyon has enjoyed early market adoption within: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, Government, Non Profit and Publishing verticals. Centralpoint is used by over 320 clients worldwide representing millions of end users. The Centralpoint Wheel illustrates the massive scalability regardless of client size or vertical. Centralpoint is a one-size fits all solution for any organization.
Contact us today and share details of your current challenges or upcoming project. We will show you exactly how we would approach the project, by building it, and if you agree, we will finish what we started. We will even import samples of your data (pre sale), to prove our capabilities. Talk is cheap...let us show you by building you a prototype. 

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