Why you need it

Why you need Centralpoint DXP (Digital Experience Platform)

Centralpoint is in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. It empowers you (either on premise or cloud) to harness disparate data securely for each user. Centralpoint integrates out of the box with LDAP, AD, SAML, and offers robust Data Transfer, MDM, Restful Web API, Taxonomy, and Design tools to render as many public or private interfaces as you need for your enterprise.

Centralpoint goes beyond traditional ECM and Knowledge Management allowing you to serve each of your users securely and uniquely. Oxcyon has enjoyed early market adoption in  Healthcare, Media, Manufacturing, Government, Non Profits and Publishing. The best approach is to schedule a demonstration. In this way, we can show you specifically how Centralpoint can benefit your organization and the many projects you have. Be sure to visit our Module Gallery

Primary Differentiators

In the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms
Top 10 Enterprise Content Management Vendors
Web API (Restful web services) for integration with systems
Top 10 Content Management Software ReportCross-Forest SSO (AD/LDAP, SAML and more)Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant
Most robust Module Gallery (out of the box)
Immediate deployment (On Premise or Cloud)
Updates eliminate obsolescence. 
Scalable N-Tiered architecture and multi tenancy
Powerful Aggregation via Data Transfer
100% Responsive Design
Drag and Drop (WYSIWYG) Design Tools
ADA/508 Compliance
Social Media Integration
Extend your online message to Digital Signage
Integrated Alerts, Email Broadcasting 
Integrated Learning Management
Integrated Gamification
Able to prove it, prior to you making a decision!

Oxcyon is the only vendor who can build a High Fidelity Prototype PRIOR to your signed agreement.
This eliminates risk and questions the RFP process; as we're able to show you more functionality than your RFP included.

We invite you to see it yourself, and Download the research to learn more.

Only Oxcyon can prove it!

Oxcyon is the only vendor able to prove its superiority by building a High Fidelity prototype of your project, at no cost before you sign. Click to learn how this approach changes the game...eliminating your risk, and likely showing your functions you have not yet considered.Oxcyon can prove it

Any vendor can tick off the many functions your RFP calls for.....on paper. Let's see them prove their claims during the first visit, proving their time to market. If they cannot show you the road ahead, they are blindly following your lead. Any vendor in the Big Data, Portal space, should be able to stand up a functional prototype at no cost, and show you all that it could possibly do for you. This is the approach Oxcyon takes, which completely eliminates your risk in the decision, and also let's us see that we can do the job (first).Imagine buying a home without touring it, or a car without driving it. This investment is much larger than both, and you should be able to scrutinize and inspect it, before you move in. 

Let's face it, this likely isn't your first content management or portal selection. This suggests that the last one made promises which could not be fulfilled. This suggests a new approach, and we are proud to be the only vendor able to offer it. Click to learn more about our High Fidelity prototype at no cost.

Centralpoint offers the most robust Out-of-the-Box functionality

Oxcyon boasts the most robust Out-of-the-Box Module Gallery in the ECM/DXP market. These building blocks allow you to easily build your enterprise, and add new ones as you grow. Centralpoint's modular architecture and evergreen updates allow us to deliver thebuilding blocks most robust solution, in rapid time. Our evergreen updates allow us to keep up with changes in technology, and new modules are always being added. Search our module gallery, and look back and see which ones have been released over the past 15 years, on our Version History timeline

This module gallery is constantly updated via our Evergreen Updates. This module gallery empowers you to deploy feature rich websites, complete enterprises, intranets, and extranets from a singular platform, complete with the best available tools, whenever you need them, without ala carte fees. No matter what your web project, these tools can be used to serve your user community. Visit our module gallery to see for yourself why there is no comparison.

Centralpoint's Module Gallery and our ability to update it every two weeks, make us the last ECM technology you will ever need to invest in.

Eliminating Obsolesence - On Premise or in the Cloud

Centralpoint is the only Digital Experience Platform with Evergreen updates . These bi-weekly (pull) updates guarantee each client is working with the latest release. This unique feature eliminates obsolescence and gives us a competitive edge against our competition.  Think about it...how can you install other solutions and expect for it to remain relevant in the future without these updates? Centralpoint is the last web technology you will ever need to invest in, because it always stays up to date, regardless of where you host. centralpoint evergreen system 

Centralpoint's updates do not interfere with your local custom development. Your local work is segregated from our updates, so that we can both do our jobs; keep you abreast of the latest technology, and respect what you need to do locally. New features and options can be used at no additional cost, when and if you need to. We are proud to be a vendor who leads our clients, introducing new features they may never have thought of. How do we define new features? From our clients...something we call Voice of Customer, which guides our R&D. Centralpoint is one of those technologies you have to see to believe.

Have a good idea for a new module or function? Let us know, we would love to hear about it. You might find it in one of our future updates.

Install on Premise or in the Cloud and Customize

Yes, Centralpoint is highly flexible and supports your local development and integration. Although we update the technology remotely, we encourage local development and have designed it to be customized by our clients. Unlike our competitors, who turn over an application for you to customize, unable to provide support, Oxcyon's Evergreen Updates allow us to continue supporting the product, regardless of what local customization you do. Centralpoint's updates keep your development team up to date the the latest tools, without interfering with your work. Local development is automatically segregated from our update to you. We are adding new items to a menu, which you are free to use whenever you want, at no additional charge. Centralpoint supports SSO (AD/LDAP/SAML) and the consumption of web services, and can expose web services to allow your local development team to integrate any way they like. Centralpoint provides developer support, well documented code, WebAPI and SDK, and even source code (where applicable) empowering your development team to do whatever they need, whilst keeping you up to date with the most current menu of options to work with. 

What is the Centralpoint Wheel?

The Centralpoint Wheel illustrates the n-tiered scalability and growth which keeps up with your organization. Whether you need to manage B2C (Public websites), B2E or B2B (private, secure intranet or extranets), Centralpoint acts as the platform to personalize each user's experience, and why we are recognized by Gartner as a Digital Experience Platform. It is much more than enterprise content management, it is everything along the way. To fully appreciate the scalability, please Watch this Video

                                               centralpoint hierarchical structure

Licensing Options

Centralpoint Developer License 
When you already have your platform, but need to add functions to it. Centralpoint Developer License allows you to license the modules within Module Gallery to take your enterprise to a whole new level. This license would include: Global Login, SSO, Data Transformation, Web API, Forms, and Data Sources only. Many clients license this version simply to gain access to our developer tools enabling them to migrate and massage data between any disparate systems. This license would be recommended if you already have some digital strategy and incumbent platforms in place, but need to streamline information to or from those systems. 

Centralpoint Portal -Microsites - Limited
When you need a new platform to manage an enterprise and a finite number of your constituent's microsites (wheel). This license gives you full access to our module gallery and a Site Wizard with a specified number of microsites which you can create and manage (each with unique URLs, designs, and administrators). This license includes full access to our Module Gallery, and can be installed on premise or can be hosted anywhere you like.  

Centralpoint Master Enterprise -Microsites- Unlimited 
When you need a new platform to manage an enterprise and an unlimited number of your constituent's microsites (wheel). This license gives you full access to our module gallery and a Site Wizard with an unlimited number of (ancestor) microsites which you can create and manage (each with unique URLs, designs, and administrators). This license includes full access to our Module Gallery, and can be installed on premise or can be hosted anywhere you like. If individual portals are required (each with their own family of microsites, it requires an additional master enterprise license for each.  

Centralpoint Uber License -Multiple Enterprises- Multiple Microsites (each)
When you need an industrial strength architecture to manage multiple Masters server, even if they are installed at different physical locations (around the world). The Centralpoint Uber license enables you to centrally develop new tools, features, able to keep every installation up to date, and in stride, through a remote pull update (synchronizing both code and database structure(s). Centralpoint Uber puts you in full control over Agile, Rapid Application Development and distribution to your disparate physical installations. This license includes full access to our Module Gallery, for each Master installation and comes with a special development server in which to feed your updates. Centralpoint Uber License may be white labeled (premium) for those vendors interested in re-licensing or re-marketing it under their brand.

Streamline your Digital Strategy with Centralpoint

Centralpoint can be implemented as a singular, harmonized digital experience platform. Most clients have already embarked on building this type of thing, but it is often nothing more than cobbled together disparate technologies. Although this might give long term job security to the cobblers or "developers", it does little for your bottom line. Centralpoint puts an end to cobbled together third party code snippets in favor of a centralized , harmonized and scale able approach. Centralpoint's out of the box cross forest SSO (single sign on) supports active directory, ldap, salesforce, twitter, facebook, microsoft and google which empowers you to reach each user uniquely from one platform; centralpoint.  
  • SSO, Global Login (AD, LDAP, oAUTH, SAML, Salesforce)
  • Over 138 Out-of-the-Box Integrations
  • Digital Asset Management software
  • Automated Metadata
  • Web Development 
  • Document Management 
  • Design 
  • Surveys
  • Blogs 
  • Ecommerce 
  • Forms
  • Email Broadcasting & Alerts
  • Mobile
  • LMS or Learning Management
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Workflow
  • Data Transfer & Warehousing
  • Web API, Web Services
  • Single Sign On
  • Digital Signage
  • Responsive Design
  • Gamification 
  • Integrate with your CRM, ERP, Supply Chain
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Integration with Back office systems


An Intelligent Alternative to Sharepoint

Sharepoint depends on multiple instances of database(s) (plural) to organize your information. Centralpoint depends on one, better designed database. Centralpoint uses SQL (as Sharepoint does), but we do it more intelligently.  With Centralpoint, one record can truly be shared across multiple channels, and down to individual roles. This intelligent database design allows us to do more with less, rendering dynamic DITA documents or any webpage uniquely for each user.  Additionally, Sharepoint lacks the functions found in our module gallery, making Centrlapoint a more robust solution out of the box, eliminating time consuming and costly integration and development. Besides a better database design and architecture, Centralpoint offers greater functionality which you can see in our module gallery. Centralpoint is more flexible, easier to manage, bringing you more functions out of the box. Additionally, our evergreen update guarantees that your solution is always up to date. Oxcyon doesn't believe you should have to buy the same tool more than once (as you have found with Microsoft and Sharepoint over the years). Instead consider a technology which changes (bi-weekly) with the times. 

Centralpoint offers tools to help you migrate from sharepoint, extracting all files to easily import into Centralpoint, Additionally, Centralpoint is remotely updated, even if you have it installed on premise to guarantee it never become obsolete. Microsoft releases a new version of Sharepoint every few years, and expect their clients to re purchase the same software. With Centralpoint you only need buy it once, and enjoys updates every two weeks....representing an investment into your technology. The diagram below shows what additional costs and time are required to properly implement sharepoint. We encourage you to take a demo of Centralpoint and compare the the two offerings. One of the biggest comparisons is our licensing which is not per user, nor is it based upon your usage. We offer a Master Enterprise License which empower you to deploy as many portals as you need, for as many users, without penalty.  

                                      centralpoint - a non-traditional approach

                                 centralpoint vs. sharpoint diagram

Centralpoint Web API

We understand that phasing out multiple systems is not that easy. For a variety of reasons, clients are sometimes stuck with certain application, or are under contract to keep it for many years. For these clients, we recommend leveraging the power of our Centralpoint Web API, empowering you to integrate and deploy anything you need, in whatever way you want. In this scenario, for advanced developers, Centralpoint is used as the primary content repository, and authentication source for your many users, but you are free to develop your ownfront end display in whatever way you want, including custom and secure methods.

Centralpoint Web API is designed for highly skilled developers allowing them to securely integrate any method themselves within an organized library. Centralpoint's API supports RESTful web services, and Token based security for your local team. Centralpoint API guarantees inter operability with any system you need to integrate with or from. Centralpoint Web API empowers your developers to leverage our entire out of the box Module Gallery including: Forms, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Workflow, Online Education, Email Broadcasting,

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