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What is Centralpoint?

Centralpoint is considered by Gartner as a Digital Experience Platform. Centralpoint is a platform which can be installed on premise or in the cloud. It supports multiple channels, and single sign on integration with Active Directory, LDAP, oAuth or SAML. It securely serves all of your users giving each a personalized digital experience with your organization. There are over 350 functions available out of the box, which you can view in Oxcyon's Module Gallery. These functions include: Forms, Learning Management, Search, Gamification, Dynamic Document Assembly, Data Transfer, Data Mining, Automated Metadata and Automated Document Retention Policies. It tracks all users interaction around any information that you have, providing real time reporting showing the usage activity of each, including comparison reports between users. Centralpoint is used by over 350 organizations worldwide within a variety of verticals including: Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Government, Intelligence, Airlines, Franchises, Non Profit Organizations and more.

Primary Differentiators

Oxcyon provides Centralpoint, a Digital Experience Platform in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, which can be installed either On Premise or Cloud hosted. Centralpoint offers over 200 modules and Integrations out of the box. Centralpoint integrates with your Active Directory, SAML, oAuth or others to securely authenticate each user by role, serving them the digital experience they each expect. Centralpoint is installed in over 350 organizations, enjoys bi weekly updates, to empower our clients with:

Mutli-Tenant N-Tiered Website & Portal Support
Web API for restful, secure integration with your systems

Top 10 Content Management Software ReportCross Forest Single Sign On (AD/LDAP, SAML and more)gartner magic quadrant oxcyon
Over 220 Modules available out of the box 
Master Data Management, Schedule Data Transformation & Automated Metadata

On Premise or Cloud
Foreign Language (and Terminology) Translation Support
E-Commerce & Online ordering
Bi-weekly remote updates (even in On Premise) 
eliminating obsolescence 
100% Mobile Friendly, ADA & Responsive Design
Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Design Tools
Social Media Integration
Integrated Personalized Email & Text based alerts 
Data analytics & BI
Integrated Learning Management
Integrated Gamification
Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Tell us more about your project, and let us stand up a live, high fidelity prototype to show you our approach. This will eliminate your risk in selecting a vendor, allow you to compare against other vendor's strategies. Our willingness to respond to your needs by proving it tells you everything you need to know about our company, our technology and our vision. 

Only Oxcyon can prove it!

Oxcyon is the only vendor able and wiling to build a High Fidelity prototype of your project at no cost....before you sign.Oxcyon can prove it Think about this for just a moment. How many times has your organization contracted with a software or service provider who was unable to deliver your needs quickly and efficiently? This has likely happened at least once, and for some, happens almost every time. When will clients begin to expect actual proof before committing with a vendor? Especially a vendor who is providing you with a Platform technology. 

A Digital Experience Platform is a big deal. It is the platform to manage almost all of your information, for the benefit of perhaps all of your many users. To properly analyze what a vendor representing this important of a technology, you should expect if not demand they show you how it works; using your data. Still, we are surprised that organizations will decide on brand alone, without seeing anything other than a powerpoint overview.

Tell us more about your project, and let us prove our capabilities at our cost. We will stand up a live, high fidelity prototype of your project to show you how it will all work. Of course, we won't build everything, and it will still need to be designed around your expected UI/UX, but you will be able to see the functionality, which is the most important. This will not only illustrate where we may be able to add value with tools you haven't yet considered, but it will also allow you to see what rapid application development and time to market really is. We will even import some of your data into Centralpoint to let you test drive it if necessary.

Module Gallery (Out-of-the-Box)

Oxcyon boasts the most robust, out of the box, module gallery of any other vendor. These functions are module, which means they can be turned on or off, based on when you might need them. Since Centralpoint is a Digital Experience Platform, you should have access to all that we have to offer, and merely use what you need, when you need it. The good news is, we are ready to take on virtually any new challenge you may....simply by turning on those module at that time. Your vendor should be many steps ahead of your digital strategy, able to show you new ways to do what your competitors are likely doing already. Click to visit our Module Gallery

Eliminating Obsolescence

Centralpoint eliminates obsolescence via virtual Evergreen updates. This bi-weekly, remote PULL update, regardless of where you choose to install Centralpoint (On Premise or Cloud) guarantees that you will always have the latest version and tools. This approach eliminates obsolescence giving you the right tools sometimes before you need them. The days of having to sunset your older technology in favor of the newest one is over. Centralpoint remote updates mean this is the last web based technology you may ever have to invest in again. Some of our clients, have enjoyed these updates for over 16 years, giving them the latest version of their software, which was purchased well over a decade ago. This is the maintenance and stream of enhancements you should expect from your vendor, and given the frequency of change in technology, it should be every two weeks to give you the cutting edge...always.  centralpoint evergreen system 

Centralpoint's updates are careful to only update our general release, and not any local customized development. This allows Oxcyon to update your core technology without hindering the local work your developer may be doing. All local development is segregated completely from our updates. Oxcyon's job is to continuously offer new modules, new tools and expand upon the features you already have. In this way, we can predict your future needs, and respond to them, prior to you encountering them.

The only constant is change. In technology standards and expectations are changing faster than even. Centralpoint's unique evergreen updates makes sure you are always in stride. Click to see our past update history, which dates back nearly 19 years, and also be sure to visit future updates of things we are working on now for upcoming releases.

On-Premise OR Cloud

Most vendors today offer one or the other. We offer either. Approximately 60% of our clients support Centralpoint On Premise, the balance 40% are Cloud (whether it is under their cloud hosting agreement or ours). The exodus to cloud has helped many vendors streamline the management of their application and updates, but we are able to do the same thing for On Premise installations, via our Evergreen Updates. It is really the best of both worlds, letting you install Centralpoint On Premise, supporting local development, without the obsolescence traditionally found with left behind applications. 

Oxcyon can support highly secure, mission critical dedicated or Cloud offerings which relate to PHI, HIPAA, FISMA, or many compliances. Oxcyon can even provide you with a dedicated Private Cloud solution catered specifically for your project needs, and may leverage Azure, AWS, Rackspace or Google. Our interest is that you be in an environment which offers you the highest level of security, support and compliance. Please see our technical documentation and certifications relating to both On Premise and Cloud hosted solutions. 

Centralpoint for Big Data

Licensing Options


Centralpoint Portal License
Supports N-Tiered Microsites  (Maybe licensed on a per microsite basis or unlimited microsite basis). 
This license empowers the client with a singular Centralpoint Portal, which can support N-Tiered Microsites within. When you need a new platform to manage an enterprise and a finite number of microsites. This license gives you full access to our Module Gallery able to be shared by all microsites within a singular portal. Typically an individual portal license would be managed by Oxcyon for the client, but may also be allowed to be installed On-Premise at the client's facility. The portal license does not offer a development, staging or synchronization features; which are only able to be managed under a Centralpoint Master License (below):  

Centralpoint Master Enterprise 
A Development, Staging and Synchronization approach to supporting one or more Centralpoint Portals

When you need a new platform to manage an enterprise, including local development, staging and synchronization to one or more portals you would need a Master Enterprise License. This license allows you to install either On-Premise or Cloud, and supports a Development envirornment (for your local development), Staging Environment (for your QC Testing), and either one or many portals which inherit new changes implemented from Development (via Staging). This license provides you full access to our Module Gallery for all environments, and may also include disaster recovery (mirror image) licensing (typically at no additoinal charge) for your fault tolerance needs. The Master Server includes many tools to easily monitor and manage a multi portal enterprise, like: Performance Monitoring, New Portal Creation Wizards, Aliasing Custom CMS module development, and Rollback features . The Master License includes full access to Centralpoint's Module Gallery. 

Centralpoint Uber License 
An industrial strength approach to remotely deploying and supporting disparate physical installations

When you need an industrial strength architecture to manage multiple Masters server, across disparate physical installations. The Centralpoint Uber license enables you to centrally develop new tools, features, and prove remote updates (pull updates) to your multiple stand alone installations. This enables you to virtually update remote, disparate installations from a central envirornment of development. These updates are able to pull both code changes, and/or database changes. Each update is remotely pulled from Uber, in which to update the local Master, and it's Portals, within an incremental: Development, Staging, Production sequence. This allows for ample quality control, and testing at the local Master Enterprise layer. This license can allow for private (white) labeling of the individual Master and Portals licenses which depend on it. This license is typically required for multi-national clients, who have a requirement to maintain separate physical installations, yet need to maintain a uniform approach to their online delivery model. 

The modular architecture of Centralpoint means flexibility for each organization. Contact us today to find out which license is right for you. Each client is unique, and so is the license they engage within. Oxcyon can propose numerous programs, from: Un-metered (unlimited users or usage), monthly, annual or one time payment options.

Oxcyon provides full training on either license to make sure your team is able to leverage all of it's many features in which to maximize your return on investment.

An Alternative to Sharepoint

Whether you are looking to enhance Sharepoint or to replace it altogether...you have come to the right place. Centralpoint is in use by over 362 organizations worldwide to give secure access of each user to information which can easily be searched. Sharepoint depends on multiple instances of SQL databases (note: plural) to seamlessly organize your information. In reality it is merely storing your information in many different databases, and is not being stored within a singular, centralized database.

Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform is built upon a singular database, but is designed to consider much more. Centralpoint can manage all of your records within a singular database, but due to our superior database design, it consider much more. Centralpoint considers the many audiences, taxonomies and roles which that one singular record relates to. This means everyone may be searching the same database, but the filter of which records meet their audiences or role(s) are considered with each page view. This empowers you to manage your information as a source of truth. One update to a singular record (or element) could cascade through and to only some users or all....from a central point. 


Centralpoint's more intelligent database design allows us to do more with less, rendering dynamic DITA documents or webpages uniquely for each user.  Centralpoint provides you with greater functionality which you can see in our module gallery. Centralpoint is easier to manage and is far more flexible than Sharepoint. Centralpoint, like Sharepoint, authenticates with Active Directory to securely welcome and serve each user, but it also integrates with others; like SAML, oAuth, OpenID or custom sources. This means that you have a more agnostic way to deal with all users, regardless of where they may authenticate from. 

Centralpoint also does more when it comes to tracking the activity of each user. Centralpoint's support of Deep Links allow that authentication to do more for each user once logged in, like provide them single click access to other applications without having to sign in again. Centralpoint also tracks all user activity, considerate of gamification, allowing you to see each user's usage, but also to quantify and incentivize those to interact more. If considering an alternative to Sharepoint is political, Centralpoint can be used to enhance your existing Sharepoint installation. We get it, moving something like Sharepoint is herculean and difficult. In this example, Centralpoint can live on top or aside Sharepoint, providing the robust log in, UI/UX, Design, but most all records submitted can be deposited directly into Sharepoint.  

Should you be interested in sunsetting Sharepoint, Centralpoint offers tools built specifically for this purpose. Centralpoint's Export from Sharepoint, allow us to restore all records and files from sharepoint to next ingest into Centralpoint, mapping all relevant fields. This can save you a fortune in license fee reductions, and perhaps make all files from sharepoint better searched, as Centralpoint not only searches the records (by title or author) but can even search the contents of files previously stored within Sharepoint (like MS/Word, PDF, PPT, and XLS)

                                                                                   centralpoint - a non-traditional approach

                                                                      centralpoint vs. sharpoint diagram

Centralpoint WebAPI & Integration

Enterprises today require significant integration with many systems and applications. Centralpoint's  Web API goes beyond traditional APIs, allowing your restful, secure, encrypted web service calls to be highly configurable. Using Get, Post, Update & Delete virtually any information can be integrated with your back office, or mashed up within Centralpoint's presentation layer. You can also leverage our out of the box integrations with the following vendors for rapid development of your robust enterprise. 

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