Knowledge Management Solutions

Centralpoint empowers you to take control over your big, disparate data silos from a singular technology. Centrlapoint can be installed On Premise or within your Cloud, to spider, index, ingest, and relate all of your many data silos into one. This platform consider the roles of your users, yielding a robust, federated enterprise search across everything. These routines are automated, guaranteeing that changes within these disparate systems are recorded within Centralpoint. Centralpoint also offers Data Cleaner and Data Transfer tools which will enrich your metadata and auto classify any record; allowing search and relationships between your information to be improved.

If you are considering Microsoft's Project Cortex, Syntex or Viva, you need to see Centralpoint. Not only is Oxcyon the pioneer in aggregating big data, enhanced search, and auto applying metadata but we offer the most robust solution out of the box...either On Premise or in the Cloud (of your choice). Centralpoint can be proven prior to any committment, where we will ingest samples of your data to show you how easily it can all be related together; yielding a roles based federated search for everyone. Centralpoint represents a knowledge management platform, and one which can be installed On Premise or in (any) Cloud you choose. When it comes to the platform which governs all of your information, you should have choice. Your specific rules which control data mining, AI and workflow automation is your organization's unique intellectual captial. We believe that is something you should have full control over.

Centralpoint starts by leveraging automated, scheduled tasks to aggregate both structured and unstructured data from your many silos (including Sharepoint). This yields a robust, federated search where each record relates to records found in disparate silos based on your business rules. These relationships are controlled by metadata, ontology, or classification. Centralpoint Data Cleaner allows you to build upon these rules, making the cognitive relationships better over time. It can also act as your organization's own Grammarly, replacing certain phrases, misspellings, etc. to cleanse your content automatically. Think of Centralpoint as the tools which empower your organization's own Wikipedia. You have a lot of information in disparate silos, and Centralpoint can bring it all together, making every record fully indexed (search able) based on the rights of each user. Oxcyon has been featured in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, and pioneered this space, meaning that we have more updates under our belt, representing the most market ready knowledge management platform in existence. Don't believe us, schedule a demo today and let us stand up a live enterprise, built just for you ingesting samples of your data to prove not cost.

More on Microsoft's Project Cortex..

Microsoft’s Project Cortex represents their attempt to address inefficiencies within Sharepoint; namely it's inability to search and relate records throughout the enterprise. Cortex promises to index content created and shared in Microsoft 365 as well as external content—such as files, communications, recorded meetings, and video—to classify and tag everything based on its type. The rub? You must move everything to Microsoft's cloud, and these rules are managed within that environment and pay deally for it. The way Oxcyon sees it, Sharepoint should have worked like this all along, and even should be supported on premise or in another cloud, should you decide. This is why Centralpoint has always offered these features, because they were needed. Oxcyon listens to our clients' VOC (Voice of Customer) and has been updating Centralpoint for over 21 years to keep up with this promise. The result? Over 350 clients worldwide who leverage Centralpoitn as their Knowledge Management Platform. .  

Microsoft’s "Azure Cognitive Services" claim to be the AI services and cognitive computing behind it, but  it will not respond to your classification and workflow, until you instruct it to. These Data Mining, Workflow and Alert rules are based upon your unique way of doing business and should be kept close to the vest. Deposting them into Cortex only makes Microsoft's cognitive services more attractive to your competitors and those in your industry. We believe the decision for this type of platform needs some deeper thought, and ultimately needs to be proven to you, prior to your decision. Why? Because this could be the last platform you ever need to invest in, given the importance of knowledge management for all users by role. If you speak with Centralpoint clients, some having used the platform for over 20 years, they can attest to the many features and benefits we offer out of the box, via our Module Gallery. 

The Promise of Microsoft's Viva?

After SharePoint Syntex was released Project Cortex is yielding another new offshoot product, called Microsoft Viva: Microsoft Viva claims to be an employee experience platform designed to make work processes smarter and more efficient, boosting employee connection and well-being. It claims to make use of rapidly expanding AI technologies like cognitive search and knowledge mining to efficiently bring relevant, connected information to those across the organization whenever they need it. The intended result is a work environment that puts people first and drives better business results. As we see it, weren't these the same promises for Sharepoint in the first place? Yes, they were, the problem was they never worked. So, if you are interested in paying again for these solutions, and betting the farm to move it all to the Microsoft Cloud, then these solutions are designed for you. If instead, you would like to take back control over your disparate data, and consider the needs of all of your users beyond AD (SAML, oAuth, Salesforce and more), hosting it wherever you want, then Centralpoint is the alternative you are looking for.

At Oxcyon, we believe your enterprise should have worked like this always, as Centralpoint has. We recommend that clients step back to pause and consider that your AI is built upon a very specific set of rules that your organization only uses. We think choice is more important than ever, and you should be allowed to execute these needed tools wherever you like, either On Premise or in (any) Cloud. Contact us today, and schedule a demo for us to prove how we can convert your siloed data (including Sharepoint) into an ecosystem of action able knowledge for each of your many user roles.