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Learning Management & Compliance

Let Centralpoint help you build a learning culture online. Learning management means more than just compliance, it means incentivizing your staff and building a healthy and competitive environment amongst all of your users.This is because the only organizations which will be able to successfully compete in the future, are those who can learn faster than their competitors. 

Centralpoint integrated education suite harmonizes your ever changing policies, procedures and processes with each of your many users. In this way, users are trained online, and their test scores can be compared with one another to show who is the most knowledgeable, including incentives (Gamification) based upon their scores. Typically learning management system have no relationship to your daily content, meaning that if your processes change, you learning management will not automatically. Centralpoint can also integratew with any learning management tool you use today, in order to track each user's interaction with it. 

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