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Federated Search Solutions

Centralpoint offers versatile installation—On Premise or in the Cloud—to regularly index and ingest data from diverse sources. These processes facilitate data aggregation, factoring in user roles and delivering an improved search experience across multiple systems. Centralpoint adeptly crawls, scans, and fully indexes various Unstructured Data formats, like PDFs and Word files. It's equally effective at indexing structured systems (IBM, Oracle, SQL, XLS, CSV, JSON, XML), ensuring comprehensive search capabilities across disparate systems. Additionally, Centralpoint leverages Security rules and Roles to grant users access only to relevant records aligned with their roles. Unlike the Google Search Appliance, Centralpoint recognizes that search relevance is context-dependent. The indexing order and weight are tailored to each organization and each user's roles, enabling you to refine relevance for your user types effectively.

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