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Enterprise Search Across Disparate Systems

Centralpoint can be installed On Premise or in the Cloud, to index, ingest data from disparate silos on a scheduled basis. These routines allow you to aggregate information considering roles, allowing each of your users an enhanced search experience across multiple systems. Centralpoint can spider, scan, and fully index files like PDF, Word or any type of Unstructured Data. Centralpoint can also index structured systems (like IBM, Oracle, SQL, XLS, CSV, Json, XML) allowing for all information to be searched even across disparate systems. Centralpoint can also glean security rules and roles to ensure each user access only those record which match their role(s).  Google Search Appliance failed due to the fact their algorithm could not be used as a one size fits all. At Oxcyon we say search relevance is relative. The weight and order in which records get indexed is unique to each organization, and also unique to each user's roles when searching. Centralpoint empower you to develop or enhance your own relevance around the types of users you serve.

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