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  • Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform...

    Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform... A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an integrated software foundation for engaging users across all digital touchpoints. It includes portal, content management, search, collaboration, personalization and other capabilities used with the goal of establishing and improving user experience. Learn More

  • Blockchain and DITA Documents

    Blockchain and DITA Documents End the madness of traditional left behind documents in favor of documents which 'can' change as your information does. Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform can empower you to manage your older PDF and Word documents, but allow you a way to start managing them more intelligently. Click to learn more. Learn More

  • Clean your Content

    Clean your Content The way you classify information is always improving. Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform empowers you to reclassify your content's metadata and taxonomy so you can do more with it. Learn More

  • One Source of Truth for Everyone

    One Source of Truth for Everyone Centralpoint takes traditional Content Management to the next level, considering all of your audiences and you a complete User Experience Platform, giving them self service tools to access your information, empowering your rich DITA Knowledge Management tools.  Learn More

  • End cobbled together applications

    End cobbled together applications Build your own Ethereum blockchain leveraging Dapp (Decentralized Applications) for each of your users. Centralpoint acts as the home for your many disparate datapoints serving each user uniquely. Learn More

  • A Digital Experience for Everyone

    A Digital Experience for Everyone Centralpoint re defines your enterprise, empowering you with an all in one solution to easily manage content, knowledge, documents and assets across your entire enterprise. It serves each of your users uniquely, tracking everything they do. It is Content management, Document Management, User Experience, Forms, Data Warehousing, Learn More

  • Serve All Users from a Single Technology

    Serve All Users from a Single Technology Centralpoint re defines your enterprise, empowering you to serve each of your users in a personalized way. Centralpoints supports AD, LDAP, SAML, oAuth and OpenID. Learn More

  • An Evergreen platform

    An Evergreen platform Centralpoint's bi weekly updates mean you will ALWAYS have access to the latest technology. Whether you host on premise or in the cloud, we are proud to eliminate the obsolescence offered by our competitors.  Learn More

  • Aggregate Disparate Data

    Aggregate Disparate Data Only Centralpoint can provide you tools like Data Transform, Web API, Data Sources and Syndication to allow you pull all of your disparate information into a singular source. Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform empowers you to serve all of your many users uniquely. Learn More

Release History
 Centralpoint Update 8.7.16
Monday, November 6, 2017

 Centralpoint Update 8.7.15
Monday, October 23, 2017

 Centralpoint Update 8.7.14
Monday, October 9, 2017

 Centralpoint Update 8.7.13
Monday, September 25, 2017

 Centralpoint Update 8.7.12
Monday, September 11, 2017

 Centralpoint Update 8.7.11
Monday, August 21, 2017

A Game Changing Approach

You've got (New) mail! You've got (New) mail!
September 27, 2017
Reinvent the Wheel Reinvent the Wheel
September 19, 2017
Cenralpoint Digital Experience Platform
The most robust feature set in the Enterprise, CMS, Portal space
Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform
It's like a vacuum cleaner to collect and organize your content or data