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Oxcyon & Centralpoint in Gartner's Magic Quadrant

CLEVELAND, Ohio –September 07, 2018- Oxcyon, Inc. and its Centralpoint technology have been included by Gartner, Inc. in the "Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms.” Oxcyon competes in this quadrant with Microsoft Sharepoint, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Adobe and othersin this emerging $18 Billion market. 

"Oxcyon is honored to be recognized within Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. Our journey began in 2000, as we pioneered the aggregation of vast amounts of data into a unified, streamlined platform. The term 'Digital Experience Platform' coined by Gartner aligns perfectly with our mission, as it fundamentally reshapes how big data and knowledge management are approached for all users. A digital experience platform accomplishes two essential functions: it distributes information while simultaneously gathering user activity based on their roles. Our seamless integration with authentication providers like Active Directory, SAML, Okta, Ping, and oAuth enables us to offer both On Premise and Cloud installations, ensuring a comprehensive digital experience for all users," states Samuel Keller, President and CEO of Oxcyon.

Centralpoint offers versatile installation options, including both On Premise and Cloud (SaaS) deployments, granting clients the capability to support multi-tenant sites and initiatives, whether they're public or private. Private implementations benefit from Centralpoint's robust Single Sign On functionality, supporting various authentication methods such as AD, LDAP, oAuth, and SAML (including Ping, Okta, and Symantec). Samuel Keller, President & CEO of Oxcyon, emphasizes that the choice to offer on-premise installation in addition to cloud is crucial due to the comprehensive nature of a Digital Experience Platform.

Centralpoint's N-tiered architecture efficiently distributes information based on Taxonomy, Audience, and Role, enabling diverse user groups to access data from a central hub. User interactions are recorded, offering real-time insights and business intelligence. The platform's learning management and gamification features allow clients to monitor compliance, rewarding users accordingly. All user activity can be seamlessly integrated with their back office systems through Centralpoint's Restful, Encrypted Web API. Centralpoint streamlines data aggregation via its Data Transfer tools, enhancing metadata through Data Cleaner for automated Knowledge Management. Notably, Centralpoint is employed by over 350 global clients, including prominent entities like the US Congress and US State Department.

High Fidelity Prototyping is a pivotal part of Oxcyon's approach. By providing a complimentary High Fidelity Prototype, Oxcyon enables clients to witness the platform's capabilities firsthand, effectively eliminating risk in evaluating a Digital Experience Platform's potential.

Samuel Keller underscores the significance of Oxcyon's bi-weekly updates, which empower clients to maintain a competitive edge, regardless of whether the platform is deployed On Premise or within the client's Cloud environment. This approach eliminates the obsolescence often associated with outdated applications.

About Gartner's Magic Quadrant:
Gartner's research publications are opinions of their research organization and don't constitute endorsements of specific vendors, products, or services. Gartner encourages users to consider a range of options based on their needs.

About Oxcyon:
Founded in 2000, Oxcyon, Inc. is the driving force behind Centralpoint Digital Experience Platform. Privately held, Oxcyon boasts a 21-year history and serves as the software vendor for Centralpoint, installed in over 350 enterprise clients.


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