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What is Master Data Management?

Centralpoint provides you with the MDM (Master Data Management) tools you need to index, ingest, aggregate data from disparate sources in order to mash up documents, web pages and reports which serve each user uniquely and securely.

Centralpoint's approach to master data management encompasses both your producing systems as well as your consumers or consuming systems. Centralpoint sits in the middle or on top of it all, ingesting, indexing and enriching your data. This means auto applying metadata, classification, and leveraging data cleaning and validation rules for all data spidered. Centralpoint is able to do this with both structured and unstructured data, resulting in a centralized, singular source of truth for all users (by role). This empowers your users with a federated search, and also syndicates that data out to microsites, email alerts, reporting and other back office systems which need to consume it. Centralpoint can be installed On Premise or in the cloud.