You've got (New) mail!

I read a research report by McKinsey which stated most knowledge workers invest 650 hours per year, sending and responding to email. I had only to look at my own time in front of email, and my co workers around me, and it quickly proved to be true. According to the study, sending emails is easy (like giving out homework assignments), it is the response to emails which are costly (akin to doing your homework). It dawned on me, that he problem with email is that it is not integrated to the information each of us need on a daily, I decided to change it.

First, I analyzed the most popular email tools; Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and Hotmail. To unify email activity with knowledge management, we built an interface (UI) which integrates live with these platforms, simulating the same features but on the web. We then made that responsive. Our interface with mail requires no change to your existing email, it is merely an interface with sits on top of the email. Centralpoint's Global Login brokers the secure authentication with these other providers, to produce....(what I call) "The Magic Button". This button, found in line with any new email or reply being drafted, gives each user a menu of commonly accessed items, which they can drag and drop into their new or reply email for the fastest, most accurate reply (about a 75% reduction in all). Over the course of one year, this would represent a savings of approximately 12 weeks of time saved per employee, per year...which is very significant. We have since incorporated live web service calls to others systems, so that you could just as easily drag and drop live reports (from ERP, CRM or others), when sending or replying to others. 

There are so many benefits to this approach they are hard to list. From authoring contracts, responding to RFPs, or providing (almost scary response) to your client's emails requesting, x, y or z. It does more than create the impression that you are fast on your feet, and mean business; this marriage between knowledge management and email actually does it. Additionally, it allows for top down editorial approval of the email message(s) themselves. I cannot tell you how many times, reading through one of my staff's email threads, that I felt pangs of embarassment, seeing grammer or spelling issues, or not the message I would have wanted to have sent to the client. This means users can drag and drop today's price list directly into their email, and it is current, when the user chooses to open it (perhaps a week later). It means live data can be sent between users, and email can now be grouped, searched and studied. You can customize your inbox, breaking up all mail from various users, and so much more. 

It also allows them to author and created documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT) on the fly while sending emails, which can be stored in any number of locations (Centralpoint, Sharepoint, OneDrive, or more). Centralpoint can be installed on premise, or in the cloud, and supports integration with Microsoft Exchange 2007-2016, but can also support other providers (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail), all without a plug in or download from iTunes (I never did understand iTunes). Centralpoint can even provide users the ability to download a short cut to their mobile device just like a mobile app, but better; as it doesn't need an app at all. 

We are really excited about this release, and the US Patent which was filed, we feel like it could change everything, and invite email to live in its rightful place, at the epicenter of knowledge management.