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Centralpoint Update 8.11.20

Date of Update: Monday, September 13, 2021  
Feature Summary
PdfViewer CpScript Files with the following extensions will generate a PDF version of the source file and the converted PDF will render through the viewer: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif
AJAX Site Search A "Search Ajax Execution Type" attribute has been added to the System Pages module. This provides an option to change the search behavior of the AJAX site search page. The default option, as it has always been, is the search will execute when a control value changes. There is a "Button Click" option in this attribute that will prevent the search from executing until a user clicks a search button. In addition to this primary feature there are two other attributes: Search Ajax JavaScript Callback and Search Button Title. "Search Button Title" adds a title attribute to the search button HTML. The "Search Ajax JavaScript Callback" attribute allows custom JavaScript to execute after the search page is loaded. The intent is to use this to alter the search controls or other UI elements which are not accessible in the client console.

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