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Centralpoint Update 8.11.23

Date of Update: Monday, October 25, 2021  
Feature Summary
Design > Data Sources A new PDF Generation Accessibility module property has been added which allows you to disable pdf generation completely or enable it for internal pages only.
PdfViewer CpScript .eml file extensions will generate a PDF version of the source file and the converted PDF will render through the viewer.
Admin > Properties > Aspose Base Image URL Aspose generated documents have the ability to download images into the file through HTML markup like the example tag to the right. <img src="/relative/path/to/image.jpg"> Aspose requires an absolute URL to the image path which the component uses to download the image. The system attempts to make relative paths absolute using the website's protocol and domain. If images are not loading in Aspose generated files, your website is likely using a service provider to secure and transfer requests. Aspose is unable to reach the image in these instances. Use this attribute to provide Aspose a direction connection to the website. We found a direct IP address resolves the issue. Do not use a trailing slash.

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