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Centralpoint Update 8.11.37

Date of Update: Monday, May 16, 2022  
Feature Summary
SAML Utilities Get Certificate Information and Generate X.509 from .pfx Utilities. Certificate Information will let you see if the SAML Signature Method can support SHA-256.
CpScript FormUpload This script now supports the following three properties: uploadButtonText='', removeButtonText='', isTranslatingButtonText=''. These allow console admins to customize the control button values (text) and/or attempt to translate the values with matching records in the site's Translations module.
Admin > Properties The system has been updated to protect against a vulnerability where public file uploads use predicable file paths. A new "File Upload Allows Unsafe Dialogs" attribute has been added if you wish to disable this proctection.
Cpscript SamlAttribute Support for Tenants Lookup. if you enter the system name value of the tenants' module into TenantsModuleSystemName property we assume that the script returns intergationId's of the tenants. We will look up and replace those values with Tenants Dataid's

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