Centralpoint Update 8.11.6

Date of Update: Monday, February 1, 2021  
Feature Summary
Column CpScript Split, Index, and Separator were added to create an array of substrings by splitting the input string based on one delimiter.
Select Command Builder The command builder will automatically insert the SqlColumnBackgroundColorIndicatingNewOrModifiedContentToUser in your query when "Styles" = "Grid View". The Item Content will contain the corresponding column CpScript in the opening table-row tag.
SqlColumnBackgroundColorIndicatingNewOrModifiedContentToUser CpScript This CpScript is designed to be used within the Select Command of a Data Source. The query will output a column named BackgroundColorIndicatingNewOrModifiedContentToUser. The column value will output an inline CSS rule: background: {color};. The background color will change depending if the content has not been viewed by the user or if the content has been modified since the user has last seen it. In the Item Content of the Data Source place the Column CpScript below in a style="" attribute to render the background color of the desired HTML element.

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