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Centralpoint Update 8.11.65

Date of Update: Monday, July 24, 2023  
CpScript ColumnModuleAliasThis CpScript is used to return the module alias. When a module alias does not exist, it will return the system's name from the cpsys_Modules.[Name] table. This script must be executed in a method that evaluates DataTable rows. The table must contain a ModuleId column that contains a GUID/UNIQUEIDENTIFER data type. This script was written to be used in the "Excel" option within "Search Results Output". It will also work in results views or any Data Source that contains a ModuleId column.
Module Properties > Content Block ExtractorThe Content Block Extractor trigger method is creating performance issues in sites when a document contains a significant amount of headings. The system now restricts the amount of records created or updated to 100 by default. If problems persist, console admins may lower this number with a new module property named "Content Block Extractor Max Upserts".
Data Transform > Search Results OutputThis is a new configuration module that is used to convert search results into various file formats. It is currently supported at System Pages > Search (tab) > Search Results Output Controls. This allows users to execute a search and download the search results into the output of the selected configuration record. Please review the help file for more details and setup assistance.
Data Transfer ReadXmlAdd support to read source files from the URL in addition to the file system.

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