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Centralpoint Update 8.11.66

Date of Update: Monday, August 7, 2023  
Console Data Transfer Try Abort process in the Pop up In the console Try the Abort link in the Data transfer Pop up to Abort Data Transfer Process
CpScript FormAutoSaveThis method has been rewritten. It should be entirely backward compatible. If there are issues that this behaves differently, please report them immediately to the Oxcyon programming team. Afterwards add the property isLegacyMode="true" to the CpScript to use the old version. The purpose of these changes is to allow console administrators with working JavaScript skills a means to call the web-service a single time without the checkbox. We've identified custom setups with this CpScript that are executing unnecessary database writes.
Module Properties > Content Block ExtractorPerformance enhancements have been made to this feature to only update the source document's blocks when attributes in the block have changed. Additionally, a custom attribute named "IsContentBlockExtractorDisabled" can be added to your module. When a record is submitted with this attribute holding a value of "1", the content block extractor will not execute at all. Detailed instructions on how to add the attribute have been added in the header text of module properties.
CpScript PdfViewerMany errors are recorded from the PDF Handler which is the code that manages this CpScript. The errors are from corrupt files and often state "Incorrect file format" or "This file's format is not supported or you don't specify a correct format.". There is no programmatic solution to resolve these problems. The PDF Handler will now return a valid PDF document in these instances informing the user that there was an error and to notify the website administrator. The PDF will show the path to the problem source file and include the error message.
Search Suggestions Report was createdTo display on the website create Navigation with Page Type = URL. Enter /Pages/SearchSuggestions.aspx into the URL attribute. It will only be available for the administrators.

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