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Centralpoint Update 8.11.67

Date of Update: Monday, August 21, 2023  
DataTransfer ShortGuid script. This method takes GUID (DataId or UserId) and generates a Base64 string which is more readable. GUID: c18736de-d8e2-4f8a-8fe8-faf287a90815 Base64 String: 3jaHweLYik-P6Pryh6kIFQ
Module Properties > Resource ContentThe purpose of this feature is to extract the text from files within defined attributes and insert the file text into a system attribute named ResourceContent. This allows the file text to be indexed in the site's Full-Text Index searches. We've found it is common that the same attribute is defined in the "Word Document Content Attributes" module property. When this case occurs, the problem is that the system was extracting the contents of the file twice, inserting the same contents in two attributes, and bloating the Attributes XML. The change made to this feature is that the system will prevent the dupe file text in Resource Content when the same attribute system name is defined in the Document Content Attributes and holds a supported file extension between both methods.
CpScript ColumnSearchCriteriaInValueA new property named IsExecutingCpScripts is supported. When enabled, the following CpScripts found within the content are replaced: AudienceInfo, UserInfo. All other CpScripts will be replaced with an empty string. The supported scripts listed above are safe from creating errors and performance issues. Please use the help file to apply to the site and review additional notes on this feature.
SystemPage Search Suggestions Results scriptSystemPageSearchSuggestionsSearchResults script lets's Admin record a search result based on the URL of the page in the Search Suggestions module

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