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Centralpoint Update 8.11.68

Date of Update: Tuesday, September 5, 2023  
Admin > Natural Language SearchAn early and only partially documented release of the new natural language search module. It is has been tested with Algolia and Custom search services. Once indexes have been created and populated it can be set up in Data Sources and Module Designers: Generic, Generic Plus, Generic Enhanced, Template, and Template AJAX. Web site searches (System Pages > Search) will be released next. A new Natural Language Search scheduled task has also been released to keep the remote indexes in sync. Before beginning you must create an Algolia account and configure the Application ID and App Keys in the Natural Language Search module properties. Normal module submissions should be reflected in the remote index within 15 minutes, but larger updates like data transfers occur overnight using the scheduled task.
Procedure Manuals > PoliciesThe Content Block Extractor module property from generic enhanced has been added.
All Generic Enhanced ModulesThe recently released Generate Synonyms module property has been removed. Server-side automation of Office was discovered to cause unpredictable server behavior. If this feature was previously enabled, it will no longer generate synonyms.
Module Configuration > Grid Searchable FieldsThis attribute now allows the grid view to support Roles searches which can be leveraged from PagedListBox controls that use the module view. A listItem tag as shown here is required: <listItem value="Roles:{Name OR RoleId}:{tableName}.DataId">Roles Search</listItem> The parameter variables are shown in {} notation. The search will return records which are assigned to the Roles attribute which manages the system's cpsys_DataCurrentInRoles table.
PdfViewer CpScriptThe DFlip JavaScript plugin that is used with this CpScript has been upgraded from version 1.2.7 to version 1.7.35. This resolved issues with the plugin rendering problematic PDF files.

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