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Centralpoint Update 8.11.69

Date of Update: Monday, October 2, 2023  
CpScript FormZipFileToDirectoryThe FormZipFileToDirectory CpScript adds a preprocessor to the form which targets a different control on the page that is supposed to contain a .zip file. If the targeted control on the page holds a valid .zip file, it will extract the .zip contents into a new sub-directory under \Root\Uploads\FormZipFileToDirectory\. The directory path is set in the FormState when this tool extracts files within a .zip file. Please read the help file to review all functionality and setup assistance.
Education > Certificates ViewThis view has been updated to support Attribute CpScripting. The view is controlled from "Education > Configuration > Certificate (attribute)". Please read the help text on the attribute to render and execute other CpScripts besides the original placeholders scripts.
CpScript FormTaxonomyA new property named "IsTranslating" is supported. When enabled this will attempt to replace the Taxonomy names rendered in the control with a match from the Translations module.
Script Generator > Script > Module ResultsThis script has been updated to execute Natural Language searches. Please read the CpScript help file for documentation and setup assistance.
Admin > Natural Language Search (Split Model)The split model contains a new optional property named "IsMatchRemovedFromValue". If set to true, it will remove the match found with the RegEx Pattern from the attributes.{propName} value stored in the Algolia record. For setup assistance and further details please read the module help file.
Admin > Natural Language Search (Split Model)When records in Algolia are created from the Attribute Splitting model, the text matched from the RegEx Pattern will be stored in an attribute named "CpNlsSplitMatchText". If the RegEx Pattern looks for HTML markup, the HTML is stripped. This will occur by default and does not require changes to the console configuration.
Admin > Natural Language SearchAdded support for NLS searches in Site Architecture > System Pages > Search. Attribute highlighting is now fully supported by Natural Language Search.
Data Transfer SQLite destinationAdd support to generate destination table in SQLite database.
Admin > Properties > Aspose: Word Documents Extract Embedded Objects?.json file extensions will now be extracted when this site property is enabled. The following is the full list of supported extensions: .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .zip, .yaml, .tar, .json. The embedded file types within Word documents are extracted automatically when using this feature.
Aspose IntegrationCentralpoint's integration with Aspose has been upgraded to the current Aspose.Total license. This required changes throughout all Centralpoint code that use Aspose components. If a site contains custom code that uses Aspose there is a risk of it breaking. Please create tickets in Oxcyon's Issue Manager and assign them to the Programming team if a website experiences any issues.
Data Transfer SQLite sourceAdd support to read source files from the SQLite database.

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