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Centralpoint Update 8.11.71

Date of Update: Monday, November 13, 2023  
Design > Script Generator > Algolia AutocompleteA new script was added to leverage Algolia Autocomplete and query suggestions.
Design > Styles > Misc (tab)The Misc tab contains attributes designed to style HTML output from the ExtTable CpScript. The attributes are prefixed with "ExtTable" and have options for fonts and colors. These attributes do not apply changes automatically and require CSS rules in the site that use DesignInfo scripts that retrieve the attribute values.
CpScript ModulePageInfoThis CpScript returns information relating to the current module page. The following properties are supported: LoweredViewType, ModuleId, RelationSystemName, and RelationTableName.
CpScript FileViewerThis CpScript returns a link to in-house online file viewers. At this time the system only supports a Word document viewer for .doc & .docx extensions.

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