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Centralpoint Update 8.11.73

Date of Update: Monday, January 8, 2024  
Remove Microsoft Word Meta DataRemove Word System Property in the following scripts. FileAction, FileDownload, CreateResorce
Search all ModulesAbility to enable a full-text index on cpsys_DataCurrent table to optimize the search of all modules.
Admin > Properties > ExtDatePicker: Is Focus Maintained After Calendar Used?The ExtDatePicker CpScript is bound to the jQuery UI datepicker plugin. The plugin's native settings cause the text input to lose focus when the calendar is used to set the input value. Setting this property to "Yes" will focus back into the text input after the calendar is used. This allows users to maintain their input position and continue tabbing through form elements to improve accessibility. This setting is global and applied to every ExtDatePicker CpScript in the site.
CpScript CurrentDateThis CpScript has been updated to support execution within AJAX modules.
Script Generator > Algolia AutocompleteThis script now supports Custom Filter attributes. This feature appends the custom filter to the Algolia Autocomplete results. Filters are not applied to query suggestions.
Admin > Properties > Telerik Editor SkinThis site property allows console admins to change the Telerik Editor's skin on the front-end of the website for editor controls rendered through the FormEditor CpScript.

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