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Centralpoint Update 8.11.74

Date of Update: Monday, January 22, 2024  
Master > Scheduled Tasks > Data ArchiveThis update applies to sites using the Admin > Natural Language Search module. When records are archived from the Data Archive scheduled task, records that exist in an NLS index will be queued for removal. A Natural Language Search scheduled task is required to execute after to complete the removal from the NLS data storage. This update is automatic and does not require any configuration changes.
Admin > Hospital Price TransparencyA new module is available to satisfy the hospital price transparency requirement for public facing hospital sites. This module provides a solution by loading a /cms-hpt.txt file from any domain hosted by the Centralpoint application. The text file will render different content per domain based on the records setup in this module. Please read the help file prior to using this module as it requires a change to the site's web.config file.
CpControl DateSelectorThis CpScript was designed for the Calendar View on Events modules. The Script Builder help file now has an option labeled: Is Excluding Months Without Events?. Set this to "Yes" to remove months that do not have events.
Script Generator > Algolia AutocompleteThe plugin now supports a custom JavaScript callback function to manipulate the URL when results are selected. The function documentation is in the Custom Scripts attribute of these records.
CpScript ReverseHyperLinkThe ReverseHyperLink script now supports a new property named InsertObjectIdElement. This is used for content stored in a Natural Language Search index. The ObjectId element allows the page to load at the position of the element with a #oid fragment identifier on the URL.

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