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Centralpoint Update 8.11.77

Date of Update: Monday, March 4, 2024  
CpScript FileViewerThe system now has an in-house Excel Viewer page which can be accessed through this CpScript. The CpScript now has a "Viewer Types" property that includes Excel as an option. This new property is required for the script to begin outputting links to the Excel Viewer. Please use the CpScript Builder help file when setting this up.
Master > Content > Scheduled TasksA beta forecasting view can be accessed by clicking on the clock icon next to the new button on the grid view. It estimates and displays the execution times and durations of all tasks for the next month.
Data Broadcast download and replaced Base64 images.Add handling of base64 images for data broadcast. Code will download and replace the base64 image with a locally downloaded copy of the image
CpScript DataUpdateStartDateThis script has access to the Data Update Start Date Attribute.
CpScript ExtTextInputSearchableHtmlA new property named ClearInputHtml is available. Using this property will render a control after the text input that will clear the input value.
CpScript FontAwesomeCentralpoint is now integrated with the free version of FontAwesome Web Fonts (Version 6). This script will register FontAwesome files into the site. Do not use this script if the site is running on a paid version like Pro or Pro Max. If the site has a free version implemented, you will need to remove the file references before using this CpScript to prevent conflicts. The Centralpoint integration begins with FontAwesome Version 6 and we intend to update our integration upon new major releases; the next being Version 7.
Select Resource in Resource Upload There is a new Resource Upload View List Site Property. This property controls the visibility of the "View List" button within the Resource upload window. When you click on the button, users can access a filtered view of existing resources. Authenticated users will see resources filtered according to their assigned roles. For those not authenticated, the view will display resources accessible to everyone and the public, for ancestor admins there is no filter. In this new view, we only support the selection of the resource it doesn't have all the functionality of a similar view in the client console.

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