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Centralpoint Update 8.11.79

Date of Update: Monday, April 1, 2024  
GenericEnhanced > Module Properties > Document Content Attributes: Remove Non-Letter Prefixes From Headings?This feature has been extended to optionally allow headings to keep the non-letter prefix if it is an integer. If this module property is enabled, a new property labeled "Remove Integer Prefix From Headings?" will be displayed. It has a default selection of "Yes" to maintain backward compatibility. Set this to "No" to allow integer prefixes and another attribute provides the ability to apply the rule to specific heading tags.
CpScript ExtAutoCompleteRedirectA bug was reported and resolved where auto complete suggestions were not returning when search criteria contains an apostrophe.
New Scheduled Task CreateResourceFromZipFileThis task will look for a zip file in a specified directory unzip the file and create a new resource from each file inside of the zip folder.
CpScript FileReadAllTextAn issue was reported where this script returns an error stating "Invalid font name". This means the PDF contains a font that is not installed on the server PC's operating system. The method has been extended to handle this error and extract text from the PDF in this problem case.

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