Centralpoint Update 8.7.13

Date of Update: Monday, September 25, 2017
Feature Summary
Education > Reports A new Tag Ancestor Audiences module property has been added to automatically tag all ancestors of the current audience while saving the record.
Content > Template This module has been update to support AJAX (dynamic) rendering. When it is selected from a new module designer an "AJAX Available!" attribute will appear. Clicking the link under this attribute will initialize the Code Path attribute to render an updated module designer. The new "/Modules/TemplateAjax/Default.aspx" code path can also be entered manually for new generic modules designers and modified to match the fields and attributes in that module. Native AJAX support for other modules is coming soon.
FormTrackChanges CpScript A new CompareFormElement parameter has been added to compare two form elements instead of a FormInfo attribute system name and a form element.
ProgressBar CpScript This new script renders a static progress bar using a numeric value between 0 and 100. Customization options exist for the bar color, text color, background color, bar height, styles, and an option to show to hide the exact percentage on the top of the bar. Use cpsys_Column:ColumnName in the value to retrieve it from the current row in a data set.
Web.Config Changes This update will add a MIME types for the SKP, SLDASM, SLDPRT, STP, DWG, and GP4 auto-desk extensions to all Root/Web.Config files (Master and WebSites) and update these elements if they already exist.
CAD Files A new module suite has been added to view 3D and 2D AutoCAD drawings on the web. It allows you to add Files to Projects and group your CAD files into one or many projects.
Content > Events The TaxonomySelector CpControl used in the module designers Calendar Month View has been updated to support new DataFilter and DataFilterModuleId parameters. They allow the taxonomy selector to automatically be filtered to exclude taxonomies which are not currently being tagged in any of the module's records. By default the DataFilterModuleId parameter uses the Events ModuleId.
Surveys > Surveys A link to survey results is now provided in the error message when Options > "Users can vote multiple times on this survey" is not checked, "Users can view the survey results after voting" is checked, and the user returns to a survey they have already voted on.
QRBarCodes CpScript A new GenerateBase64String parameter has been added. When set to True the script will generate the image as an inline Base64 encoded image as opposed to a link to an image.option to generate qr code using Base64 string. This prevents a request for the image from the server which sometimes causes security issues when SSO is enabled.

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