Centralpoint Update 8.7.15

Date of Update: Monday, October 23, 2017
Feature Summary
Select Command Builder A new Custom filter text box has been added when System Filters = "Create".
Data Transfer ParseHtmlContent and ParseWebpageContent CpScripts These scripts have been updated to parse the contents of keywords and description meta tags from HTML content.
Attribute, AudienceInfo, CartInfo, Column, FormState, HtmlLabel, & UserInfo CpScripts A new DateTimeLocal option has been added to the DataType parameter. Setting DataType='DateTimeLocal' will allow the date to be formatted without converting from UTC. Please note that all DateTime fields in Centralpoint are stored in UTC. This is intended for use with plain text (TextBox) attribute typically when dates were imported from other systems.
Data Transfer FtpFiles CPcript This new CpScript can be used in data transfer to move generated files to an FTP server.
FormDataListBox & FormPagedListBox CpScripts A new Enabled parameter has been added. Set enabled='false' to disable the radio or checkbox elements within the control.
CAD Files (Web.Config Changes) This update will add a MIME types for the CGR auto-desk extension to all Root/Web.Config files (Master and WebSites) and update these elements if they already exist. Support for this extension has also been added to the CAD Files module suite.
GoogleMaps Results CpControl Attribute3SystemName, Attribute3Format, Attribute4SystemName, Attribute4Format, Attribute5SystemName, and Attribute5Format parameters have been added.
Forms > Forms Processing > Module Submission = "Yes" now supports a new useVersionInfo="true" attribute in the navigation elements of the Field Map. It will load all attributes from the current version of the document before overwriting attributes with values from the form.
Unicode Character Searches All integrated searches have been updated to support Unicode searches. In some cases full-text searches may require changes in SQL Server to implement specific foreign language word breakers.
Standard Modules (Deleted Versions) New Deleted Drafts and Deleted History options have been added to the Display (Dates) selector on the grid view of all standard modules in the client console. When a draft or historical version of a document is deleted it will remain in these views for 30 days before being permanently deleted by the system. These new views can be used to restore these document versions before they are permanently deleted. The Maximum Historical Versions attribute under More Actions... > Module Properties now supports two new values: 0 and -1 for unlimited versions. A new Job has also been added to Master > Content > Scheduled tasks to delete historical versions based on date, module, type, etc.

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