Centralpoint Update 8.7.16

Date of Update: Monday, November 06, 2017
Feature Summary
Forms > Forms The Processing > Module Submission = Yes > Field Map attribute supports new isDraft="false" and auditTrailNotes="NOTES" attributes in navigation elements. The isDraft="false" setting can be used to insert and update historical versions, and auditTrailNotes can be used to add notes to the audit trail.
Master > Web Sites Enabling new items in the Navigation tab now automatically enables the same items in the Main audience client console. You can verify this in the related sites and Site Architecture > Audiences (Main) > Details > Console Navigation attribute, and disable the items manually if desired.
Admin > Properties The Web Site System Name Replacement feature has been updated to prevent delimiters at the end of the system name, and automatically lower characters when using the underscore of dash replacement. This only applies to new system names generated after this update is installed.
Site Architecture > Audiences The Company > Search All Audiences attribute has been renamed Searched Audiences and now contains the following options: Current, Current & Children, Current & Descendants, All, and Selected. This attribute controls the audiences included in site searches. It does not apply to module searches or the modules themselves.
BackToTop CpScript A new script was created that generates a button that will scroll the user back to the top of the page when clicked.
Development > Web API A new ChangeUserPassword (Sailpoint) option has been added to the Method attribute. It can be used to integrate with systems like Sailpoint, and propagate member password changes.
EventBriteRegisterButton CpScript This new CpScript is designed to work with an EventBrite events integration. It can be placed on an event details view to render a selector of dates in a series and change the target of a Register button depending upon which date is selected.
Tools > Generate Custom Attributes From Excel This new utility will generate custom attribute XML files by merging a modules existing attributes with attributes in an Excel file.
Design > Dynamic Tab Display If you have a dynamic tabs record with Tab Type = "jQuery Tab" and iFrame Tab Contents = Yes you can now manage the styles for the content pages (iframes) in Design > Styles > iFrame Styles.

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