Centralpoint Update 8.7.17

Date of Update: Monday, November 20, 2017
Feature Summary
StructuredDataWebsite CpScript This new script will automatically generate web site structured data (JSON-LD) in the page header. It has the ability to suggest a search box in Google′s search results which will search your website directly from Google′s results page. This script should only be placed on the site's homepage. Google considers these elements domain specific. If using the same domain for multiple audiences, we advise placing this script only on the primary homepage based on Google′s rules.
Admin > Properties The User Properties, Audience Properties, Taxonomy Properties, and Resource Properties attributes have been updated to maintain the default controls when merging. This prevents a problem that occurred when the default attributes were changed to support new functionality and the change could not be deployed to sites with custom properties.
BreadCrumbTrail CpScript A new StructuredData parameter has been added. When set to true the system will automatically generate the breadcrumb trail structured data (JSON-LD) in the page header. This data is used by search engines to enhance search results.
EducationTestLink CpScript An issue with the LinkText parameter has been addressed.
EventBriteRegisterButton CpScript A new SelectorFormat parameter has been added to content around the date selector that is removed when the selector is removed.

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