Centralpoint Update 8.7.18

Date of Update: Monday, December 04, 2017
Feature Summary
Procedure Manuals > Policies A new Show Resource Upload Difference module property has been added. It shows the difference between the Resource Upload files in the Email Changes attribute instead of just showing the file if there is a difference.
FormCompareValidator CpScript All operators are now supported when Type='Date'.
Standard Modules (Compare Versions) A new Compare Versions feature has been added to the top of the form view of all standard modules in the client console. When a record has at least one historical version a link will appear at the top of the form view. This allows you to view the differences between each attribute of any two versions of the current document. Detecting and highlighting the difference between two attributes is not a perfect science. The goal of this feature is to point you in the right direction, but the difference displayed may not always be exactly what you expect. In some cases the difference engine may struggle with markup or white space, and in other cases an RTF Editor or other tool may make changes to your content that you didn't know about.
Development > Web API A new Access Tokens Require Secure Connection (HTTPS) module property has been added. This property can be set to no when a proxy server or load balancer translates HTTPS requests to HTTP requests behind the firewall. It should be set to "Yes" in all typical production environments.

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