Centralpoint Update 8.7.22

Date of Update: Monday, February 05, 2018
Feature Summary
Design > Data Sources The "Select Command Builder" and "Forms Select Command Builder" tools accessible from the header text of the Select Command attribute have been updated. This includes formatting changes to the Select Command field which has SQL columns and clauses breaking into new lines. The "Select Command Builder" also has the following updates: the 'QueryStringTaxonomyFilter' is automatically included in the Select Command with the "Grid View" option containing the required HTML, and the "Create Filter" now includes a "Taxonomy Match Option" (Any/All).
ChangeRequestForm CpControl This control now supports the Procedure Manuals > Email Templates module. It is typically used in the Version View of the Policies module designer. New Approved With Edits Subject and Approve With Edits Body attributes have been added to the Email Templates module to support this feature.
Forms > Forms A new Approval Email Template module property has been added which formats the email sent when Workflow > Approval Email = Yes. A Format parameter has been added to the Form script automatically inserted in the General > Script parameter. A new General > On Submit Use Loading Dialog attribute has also been added.
QueryStringTaxonomyFilter CpScript This new script will generate a SQL taxonomy filter out of front-end query string values that contain a comma separated string of taxonomy system names. It is intended to be used in Data Sources > Select Command.
System Name Generation All modules with system name attributes have been updated to prevent the word 'Blank' from being inserted into the System Name attribute when you click away from the Title or Name attribute without entering a value.
ExtAutoCompleteRedirect CpScript A new Full Text Search option has been added to the Lookup Type parameter. When selected the drop down list will be populated with the results of a full text search over all attributes in the current module and sorted by rank to provide more relevant results. This option will take longer to produce results and they may not contain the entered keywords in the drop down itself. A new IsAjaxModule parameter has also been added. It should be set to True on when the script is placed in the static content of an AJAX module to use partial instead of full page loads.

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