Centralpoint Update 8.8.1

Date of Update: Tuesday, April 03, 2018  
Feature Summary
Admin > Settings The Email Server setting now supports secure communication with SMTP. To enable this feature add " EnableSmtp" after the server name (example: "localhost EnableSSL"). This feature is documented in the Admin > Settings help file.
Data Transform > Data Transfer New Skip and Limit attributes have been added to the bottom of the Source & Destination tab. They work with all sources and destinations to apply the concepts of paging to transfers allowing you to break up large transfers into smaller pieces.
Design > Dynamic Tab Display New Preloader attributes have been added when Tab Type = jQuery Accordion. The preloader will begin after the server side request completes. It displays as the accordion is loading on the client and disappears after the whole accordion loads on the screen.
FormTaxonomy CpScript The DataFilter parameter has been repaired. When enabled the selector will only include items with data associated to itself or a descendant taxonomy item.

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