Centralpoint Update 8.8.2

Date of Update: Monday, April 16, 2018  
Feature Summary
Master > Content > Scheduled Tasks When Job is set to Continued Education ReCertification a new Custom Filter attribute will be available.
Forms > Forms A new Workflow > Reply To attribute has been added. When a value is provided it will be used when end users reply to emails generated during form confirmation and approval.
Standard Modules (ViewAll) Two new parameters have been added to the ModulePageOverrides CpScript and two new attributes have been added to AJAX Module Designer records. They are named "IsViewAllEnabled" and "ViewAllMax", and serve the same purpose between both module types. When "IsViewAllEnabled" is set to "Yes", a ?all=1 query string parameter will set the page size to 1000 by default or the value set in "ViewAllMax". The original design and intention of these features was to provide users the ability to provide Google's Data Highlighter tool a single page where Google may index all URLs within a given module.
ParentAudienceInfo CpScript This new script renders audience information from the parent of the current audience.
FormEmailDomainValidator CpScript This new validation script will validate the value entered in a form control to ensure that a it contains a valid domain.
SearchTerm CpControl A new GetRoleName parameter has been added which allows the control to translate a RoleIds to role names. A new MultipleSelectionMode=Enhanced option has been added which allows the control to convert IDs to legible names or titles from Audiences, Roles, or DataCurrent. Previously, the control could only target and translate ID values from one system module at a time. The functionality for GetRoleName is only available when MultipleSelectionMode=Enhanced.
Procedure Manuals > Policies New Taxonomy Subset 4, and 6 module properties have been added. They are hidden by default, but may require you to hide them manually if you are using custom module configuration in that module.

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