Centralpoint Update 8.8.3

Date of Update: Monday, April 30, 2018  
Feature Summary
Data Transfer Column CpScript This script has has been updated to support the cpsys_NewGuid constant when the column data type is GUID.
Data Transform > Staging This new Generic Enhanced style module was created for data staging.
Ecommerce > Shipping The FedEx shipping component has been updated to the latest version which requires additional credentials. Contact your FedEx account representative for details.
Forms > Forms A new Add Script Tags attribute has been added when General > Does your Thank You page need to include Third Party Tracking Scripts? = Yes. This attribute allows you to manually include the HTML script tags as needed.
ExtLightbox CpScript This extender script has been updated to support HTTPS with Vimeo videos.
Education > Programs A new Remove Roles Upon Program Completion attribute has been added. When enabled a User Remove Roles attribute will be displayed informing the system to automatically remove a users roles when the program is completed.
Admin > Error Messages/Redirects A new Custom Error Pre-Processor attribute has been added to the Module Properties. Enabling this feature allows you enter the path to a custom method that will execute before error processing.
Data Transform > Data Transfer Taxonomy, Audiences, and Roles attributes on the Fields tab now include a dynamic selector when the Text option is selected.

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