Centralpoint Update 8.9.1

Date of Update: Tuesday, May 29, 2018  
Feature Summary
Admin > Organization Chart A new User Filter attribute has been added. When set to "Yes" the chart will filter by the current user's audiences and roles.
Development > Web API A new Field Mapper utility is linked from the header text of the Method = "Upsert Data" > UpsertData Request attribute. It can be used to generate a sample JSON string.
Admin > Properties > Web Site Role Filtration & Security A new Web Site Role Filtration & Security attribute has been added. Selecting the new "All (FISMA Compliant)" will cause all system filtration and security to require that the user is in all of the records' roles. Hard coded role filters in data sources or custom code will not consider this attribute unless they utilize a SystemFilter script or method. This attribute only applies to roles as they are used to filter and secure front-end content. It does not apply to Console Navigation and Accessible Audiences selected within a Role.
Data Transfer DateTimeFormat CpScript A new AddDays parameter has been added to add a negative or positive number of days to a date. The DateTimeFormat script can be used as an alternative to the UTCNow script.
Custom Attributes The XmlListBox control has been updated to sort listItems stored in an external XML file numerically by index instead of alphabetically.
NavigationTier & HtmlNavigation CpScripts A new UseTranslations parameter has been added these scripts. When set to 'true' the Title of each Navigation item will be translated by filtering records in the Site Architecture > Translations module by the current audience.
Physician Directory A new "Email" column has been added to the relation of cprel_PhysicianDirectory.
Select Command Builder The "Grid View Email" option now reads "Grid View HTML", and is styled to look like the ExtTable plugin.
Admin > Properties > Site Crawler Errors This new site property allows you to change the default behavior that occurs when a user or site crawler accesses a record in a module that does not exist. By default the system will rout the user or site crawler to the module's results view. You can now choose to return 404 (not found) or 410 (gone) error instead which is recommended by Google.
ExtClickTracking CpScript An issue was repaired when using the ExtLightbox CpScript on the same page with the ExtClickTracking CpScript. A new PreventClickTrackingSelector parameter has also been addedwhich will allow a user to exclude specific links from receiving the /click.aspx?url= prefix.

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