Centralpoint Update 8.9.10

Date of Update: Monday, October 8, 2018  
Feature Summary
Publishing > Articles The module now supports three new taxonomy subset fields (TaxonomySubset4, TaxonomySubset5, TaxonomySubset6).
Education > Configuration Send Email To User After Test, Send Admin Email After Test, and Use Report Triggers attributes have been added. They can be used to bypass emails and time consuming functionality in tests. You must resubmit the related module designer record before these changes will apply.
Admin > Deep Links This module now overrides the NameID when it is passed in the SAML Response Attributes. It will also allow you to define the format of the NameID element passed in the SAML response.
Select Command Builder & Forms Select Command Builder A new "Include Select All Checkboxes" option has been added. It will add a checkbox to each row in some HTML table outputs and include functionality to select or deselect all.
Data Transfer FileReadAllHtml & FileReadAllText CpScripts New RegExPrefix and RegExSuffix parameters have been added to enter a string suffix and prefix instead of a regular expression and have the RegEx value generated on your behalf.

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