Centralpoint Update 8.9.11

Date of Update: Monday, October 22, 2018  
Feature Summary
Data Transfer FileReadAllHtml & FileReadAllText CpScripts A new Phone pattern has been added and the ability to retrieve multiple regular expression matches and return them in a delimited list.
jQuery & jQuery UI Versions Admin > Properties > Header Tags > jQuery & jQuery UI Versions has been updated making the previously Stable version Legacy and the previously Beta version Stable. If your sites are still using the Legacy version you should not install this update. If you discover problems after the update is installed you can switch to Legacy giving you time to resolve the problem then change back to Stable. If you are using the Design > jQuery UI Themes module it is recommended that you regenerate your themes on the latest version by following the instructions under the Theme attribute of each record.
Data Transform > File Output A new Orientation attribute has been added when Template File Type = Word (doc/docx/docm) .

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