Centralpoint Update 8.9.12

Date of Update: Monday, November 05, 2018  
Feature Summary
SystemFilter CpScript You can now set audiences='allaccessibleaudiences' to filter records using the current members accessible audiences and the accessible audiences of all of their selected roles. Anonymous users will filter by the current audience, and admins will not get an audience filter.
Tableau Charts This module will automatically do trusted authentication and build graphs using these three functions: The Chart CpControl, the Tableau Chart CpScript and the Tableau Method Links CpScript.
Admin > Properties > Web Site Accessible Audiences Security A new Web Site Accessible Audiences Security attribute has been added. When enabled a 403 (Forbidden) error will be returned if an authenticated user attempts to access any page in an audience that has not been selected in their Accessible Audiences attribute or in the Accessible Audiences of one of their selected Roles. Security applies to all Centralpoint pages (ASPX), resources, AJAX module requests, and Web API requests. It may not apply to custom pages or features. All audiences will be accessible to anonymous users, ancestor admins, and members of the Admins role. Module designer abstracts related to inaccessible audiences will not work because the module home and results views will not be accessible.
ModuleSearchAccordionMenu CpScript The full text option for this script has been updated to use Centralpoint's web site search functionality. You also can build a clicks link in the HeaderFormat property with this option using {Url}, {DataId}, and {ModuleId}. The full text option will save search criteria if you enable it in the Module Properties.
Forms Select Command Builder Includes commented out CpScripts that filter form results submitted by the logged-in user, and/or filter results submitted within the current Audience being viewed.

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