Centralpoint Update 8.9.17

Date of Update: Monday, January 21, 2019  
Feature Summary
DetailsViewNextPreviousButtons CpScript This new script can be used to generate next and previous links on a module Details View (#3). These links will take the user to the next and previous module records based on the current document's StartDate.
Admin > Global Login A new SAML Ignored URLs module property is displayed when SAML Service Provider = Enabled. It takes a comma separated list of URLs which will not be automatically authenticated. Please note that these ignored URLs could cause SSO issues if accessed by a normal user. They are intended to allow web service and similar calls to get to the site without SSO initialization (anonymously).
Global Login ActiveDirectoryGetTenants CpScript This new script only works in Global Login during authentication. It takes a module system name and uses it to translate IntegrationIds retrieved from the authentication source into DataIds.

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