Centralpoint Update 8.9.2

Date of Update: Monday, June 11, 2018  
Feature Summary
Forms > Forms The Field Map Builder displayed under Processing > Field Map has been updated to provide the ability to copy commonly used scripts.
ExtLightbox CpScript Support for HTTPS has been added to the YouTube option.
Broadcasts > Broadcasts A new Message > Enable Click Tracking attribute has been added which is enabled by default.
Forms > Forms Wizard There is a now a link in the fields setup tab that allows you to view all user fields and properties.
Admin > Properties > Search Full Text Parsing Algorithm A new Custom option has been added. It provides flexibility for a website to customize their search criteria parsing with custom code.
Content > Forms Library This new module has been created to pull in forms so they can be searched from the front end.
Admin > Organization Chart A new User Filter attribute has been added. When set to "Yes" the chart will filter by the current user's audiences and roles.
TaxonomyFileExplorerView CpScript A new DataFilter parameter has been added. When set to 'true' it will filter the taxonomy to only include items that have been selected from content in the current module. It is possible that a parent taxonomy item may not return results if it has a descendant taxonomy item assigned to a module record.

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