Centralpoint Update 8.9.27

Date of Update: Monday, July 8, 2019  
Feature Summary
ReverseHyperlink CpScript A new UseTooltip parameter has been added and is enabled by default. Reverse hyperlink tooltips display the record's Summary attribute. Summary attributes can be automatically populated from any attribute in the module using the Summary Attribute module configuration. HTML is automatically removed and the text is truncated to 512 characters or less. Changes to the Summary Attribute module property require that you resubmit records for the summaries to change.
Advertising > Search Suggestions The web site search auto complete will now suggest Titles of records when any of the keywords entered match any portion of the Search Keywords attribute. This feature is enabled by setting Admin > Properties > Search Redirect Types to "Title & Keywords".
System Pages > Search (tab) > Results Item Content Two new variables are available for use. {4} = URL Path (This is the href attribute value in plain text. There is no HTML formatting and no system query strings are applied.) {5} = URL Target (This is the target attribute value in plain text. This is useful if you're linking elements yourself with the {4} variable.)
Procedure Manuals > Policies > Prevent Download if Locked Add support for Prevent Download if Locked module property. If Prevent Download property is ON and document is locked the Handler will return 404 (File Not Found).

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